to seal or not before glassing on wood

When glassing over a wood skin does it pay to seal it first with a little thin epoxy? I am looking to reduce weight. I am using 4oz cloth, 1 layer with RR epoxy. Just trying to shave weight every where I can.

I’ve made 7 balsacomps. The first couple were balsa with balsa rails, didn’t seen to be a problem. The last few I’ve sealed the wood (balsa and redwood) and it is better. Paul Jensen (hollow wooded boards) stopped in this morning and gave me some suggestions. The redwood, apparently, is an oily wood and what I thought was bubbles from outgassing was really oil. He reconffermed to seal the wood AND when it’s dry to wipe everything down with denatured alcohol. Also as has been stated before glass on a dropping temp.

Every new board I do just gets better and better. And as far as weight… 8’ x 23" = 9lbs… 10’ x 23" = 15lbs. Both are 1#EPS, 4oz. S glass, 1/16" balsa, 4oz. S glass.

Hope this all helps!


I always pre-lam woods it just works out better.

Thanks guys

      I was thinking sealing would add more weight , but maybe not. tried a small test last night. I can squeege a small amount of epoxy pretty far. Should help control how much gets sucked into the wood. I will seal this board and see. 

                                                                                     thanx again


The 3 main reasons for pre-lamming is ;

  1. seals the wood

  2. reduces over saturation,wt.and amt.s.

  3. keeps fiberglass cloth from getting sucked dry.