To Surftech or NOT?

I’m planning on getting some equipment to do the stand up paddle thing. Looks like the 12’ Munoz Superglide Surftech is a popular choice. I’m a bloke on the larger side 6’4, 220 lbs. and seems like I may even want something with a little more float.

Question for the epoxy experts out there: Is there a better option if I want an Epoxy board for this particular endeavor and if so what type materials/design do you suggest?

Also, I’m located in HeLL-A (So. Cal.) so if you got any recommendations for shapers here that you could suggest I’m all ears.

I’ve heard from a reliable source that Terry Martin in Orange County is doing a few really big, really wide EPS boards for stand up paddling.

Mike Eaton, Joe Bark or any of the paddle board guys are probably set up with big EPS blocks and accustomed to shaping big boards.

You’re a big guy… you might try renting (try surf schools in your area?) a 12’ Surftech first and see how it works. I think the stand up paddle guys might be going as wide as 30".

Definitely a custom order on that kind of thing.

I don’t think the 12’ Munoz will be enough for you. I’d probably try Steve Boehne at Infinity in Dana Point - he specializes in tandems, which would probably be more like the size & shape you want.

I agree with Benny. You are to big for the 12 footer to SUP it. The board has way to much V and rocker so its very tippy. Even for me and I weigh 165.