to the skateboard building experts...

I´d like to build a slalom deck. Is it necessary to laminate the board with glass or will the use of epoxy resin for glueing be sufficient? Thanks

Henning, You want absolute maximum energy return and sensitive response on slalom boards. Conventional materials will fatigue and break down when used for flex, i.e. hard weighting and unweighting. Consider adding carbon graphite to the board`s wood and/or high density foam and epoxy core.

…I was at the FCR race in elsinore yesterday and the going board is Chicken’s Pocket Pistols.The Chicken Pocket Pistols boards are a skin of 1/16" maple top with hi-density foam core rapped in fiberglass,it’s most likely,but not exclusive to being glued with epoxy…Do the work? he sweeped both days in the pro division,and is the world’s champ! …However if this is not reasonable for you,you can glue up(w/epoxy) 3 or 4 layers of apple veneer,which would give you 9 or 12 plys and would be strong enough to do the job without fiberglass,foam or carbonfiber.Herb

It depends on what you are laminating. Carbon fiber will provide the nessasary strenght for a thin deck, but the epoxy will work like a glue between laminates.You can also use gorilla glue which is super strong. Check out for all the info you will ever want to know. It is the swaylocks of skateboard info. Stay Solid

I use ash veneer ( 2 sheets) and birch plywood ( very thin, also used for airplane building, at least in the old days). The clue is: do the really thin layers of glue between the wood veneers affect the flex of the board? Thanks for your help

…Naw,not really…only if the glue is inconsistant in thickness,leaving really thick,and dry spots. …I’m will soulshine, ncdsa is a great skateboard site!Herb

The epoxy won’t really affect the flex, if you change the direction of the veneers (as in crossing grains)or use more veneers , fiberglass ,or carbon fiber,these will effect the flex. You can also create camber in your glue up by bending and clamping the veneers, it will relax some so bend more than you need to. Stay Solid

If you are into homebuilding there are a few sites to visit. (check the forum under Board Building) also check some of the links on these pages. The toothless website got me started.

Check out what we are up to at Also this site at His site is similar to Toothless. Both have made great decks.

…Soulshine might have started this way? …A good entry level way to build a skater with camber or rocker is to buy a sheet of 7 ply apple or 11 ply baltic birch,and bend it with you car’s front tire. …Just have the sheet cut into 12"wide x 4’lengths,make sure the grain in running lengthwise on the surfaces.Find a parking block,put down the cut sheet and roll the front wheel of your car on it.You can vary things with wedges,and where you position the tire.It’s not necessary to soak/steam the wood,but you can.On a hot day just spray the cut sheet down with a hose then rap it in celophan plastic rap,set it in the sun for 15-30 min. then weight it. …AFTER BENDING:lam a couple sheets of 7.5oz. glass on the deckside of the sheet,this will help with the flex memory.Then cut your deck out w/ a jigsaw. …The first boards I built, were built this way,back in 67-70’.Ed Roth was the one who gave me the idea…Could you see the look on my dad’s face when I told him what I wanted the car for? He was pretty cool about it,really.Herb