To wing, or not to wing

Hello everyone,

I am 5’10" 140-145 lbs.

I’m making a 6’3" x 18 1/2" x 2 3/8" (maybe 2 5/16") narrow rounded-pin 5-fin bonzer for fast hollow waves in the 6-10 foot (face height) range. I added a bit of extra length for getting into the hollow waves earlier. I also made it a pretty narrow nose/overall outline to allow for responsiveness/control. I might make it 6’2", but an inch won’t make much of a difference anyway.

Now, my question is, will putting wings on it affect the way the board holds in hollow surf? The reason that I ask is because my friend got a rounded-pin with a bump-wing, and he said it slid out very easily. Needless to say, he hated it. I don’t want to have a board that slides out easily, especially if it’s made for exceptionally hollow waves.

What would happen if I put wings on this rounded pin 6’3" five-fin bonzer?

Why would you want wings on a board your going to use for hollow surf. It seems to me you will want to channel the energy of the wave instead of adding another breakpoint for the rail. I don’t think you will need extra loosness in hollow waves over holding power. I think softer rails and a hull type bottom would work better. IMO.

I vote no wing. Also, I would not point the nose as much, moving forward or center in the tube can be valuable and a narrow nose will make you stay on the tail more.

A narrow nose is a must on steep and hollow surf. You want the board to transition easily from the bottom turn into the pocket and a wide nose would tend to dig the sides. Big reason why pipeline guns have narrow nose. Wouldnt you agree?

I am not talking wide. I think 12’’ is fine. I don’t think you need to go less than that.

Well in my opinion when tube riding I like a board that will go in a straigth line the easiest, that is narrow(responsive), and has enough rocker for the drop…I wouldn’t break the rail line. If you wanted a wider outline up front for paddling or what ever the reason, I would just go longer…

Watch the surf flick, “Surf Movie” featuring Joel Tudor riding a 5 fin Campbell Brothers Bonzer round pin egg at Pipeline.

I believe it is around 6’6.

Not really a narrow nose. Seems to work good. Of course that’s Joel surfing it.

I just got back from New Zealand and surfed 6-10 foot faces at Manu Bay on a 6’2 Round Pin CB Bonzer5 on my backhand. Worked fine. Plenty of drive.

Forget the wings on your Bonzer.

Wings were fine before shapers figured out how to do the same thing with tail curve. Now they are pretty much for looks. If you like them, use them. Rory used to ride wings at Pipe.

If your criteria included small junky surf, then go with the wings.

You say you’re only riding hollow waves, so leave them off.

Well I voted against the wings judging by what you guys said.

What would you guys recommend for tail width for hollow surf? I was thinking 13.5 inches wide. Should I go even narrower? I didn’t think it would be necessary to go any narrower, because it’s a 5-fin and I think it would already hold in fine.

And where should the widest point be? Dead center? 1 or 2 inches behind center? 1 or 2 inches forward of center?

Once again, it’s for hollow 6-10’ (face height) surf. I need control and responsiveness in the pocket.

Thanks a lot for all your help already.

As far as width of tail, make the outline flow. I would say not too wide.

Small junky waves, wide point back.

Faster hollow waves , put it forward.