Tom Blake paddleboard blueprints


Does anyone have any info about finding Tom Blakes paddleboard drawings. I would like to make a reproduction paddleboard. Thanks

Go to and send a PM to Chris A, (maybe chrisa) he built one.

Look in the book Thomas Edward Blake By Spencer Croul, there are copies of the blue prints and specs in there.

I have a pdf of the patent file for Tom Blake paddleboards that I can e-mail to you if you wish.

There’s a picture of the plans that were in Popular Mechanics c1937ish on

I would be interested in getting the PDF you mentioned as well Pierre.



I’ve got one from the late 40’s made with assistance from the Duke hanging in my office. We got it from the rafters of my partner’s ex-girl friend’s mother’s car port on the Big Island. After she threatened to throw it away.


The pdf file is too large to be sent through a Swaylock’s message. Send me your email adress.

Else, you can view us patents here :

And to access directly Tom Blake’s patent, click HERE

To downlad patents on your hard drive you can use :

This guy makes replica models of Tom Blakes boards. No plans, but photos of modela etc.platty.