Trace #2 ~ 7'5" egg


       From a Clark 7'11" R Super blue blank

       7'5"+ x 15.875" x 21.5" x 15.125" x 3.0"

       Nose rocker 5.125" ~ Tail Rocker 2.325"


       It's a far cry from perfect.

       I'm still very early in the learning process of  

       shapping. Mo power tools were usec at all. 

       The only tools used were a small German block 

       plane, the curved footed Japanese plan for the 

       stringer on the nose rocker of the deck sanding 

       blocks with paper from 40 to 100 grit

       and fine sanding screen. 

       The process took six hours. 


      I welcome all comments and suggestions.

      I have more shots. If anyone has any interest

      I'd be glad to post them.

      If not for Swaylocks it would never have happened.

      Thanx Mike!

      Good Surfin', Rich

Looks like it will be a really fun board. I’m sure the fin set-up will be first class! Did I see concave going thru the tail? Mike

the 7’11’r is a fantastic blank. i usually order them with a little less rocker in the tail and sometimes the nose too. its a great paddler and turns well too.

Hey Mike,

The bottom goes like this:

A slight concave in the first foot of so.

A forward section has panels that run into center of the board where they gradually end and a mild central concave begins and runs to about a foot from the tail. The last foot is veed and and there are very slight concaves in the tail panels.

I know you can’t see the contours of the bottom in the attachment here but I think the flow is apparent.

When I get it laminated I’ll take some shots of the bottom contours.

Thanks for the interest.

Mahalo, Rich

Sweet shape Rich!!! Look’s great.What fins do you have in mind for this board?


Not fair, you being a fin maker, and working in the board building industry, and having perfect templates, a great eye, and seeing all the really well shaped boards…

Your #2 is like most shaper’s #50. Possibly better.

Just how long did it take to be finish shaped? Hopefully, more than 2 hours. If not, you should be a shaper AND fin maker.

nice job bro! looks great for just starting

LeeD said it best! Very nice board. Rich, What’s that board hanging on the wall behind your board? Mike

Hey Jeff,

The fins will be like the Mental/Spinner set-up on your 8’0 Schroedel. They will be carbon/fiberglass/epoxy and sized down a little from what you have. I’m gonna try it with a starfin and make a modified starfin for beach breaks because I want to start that R&D going.

The Perch were really going tonite. All small ones except for one keeper. Ciopinno for dinner ~ Yumm!

Mahalo, Rich

Hey LeeDD,

Thanks for the kind words. It took 6 hours. I didn’t use any power tools at all. I gotta feel my way into this thing. Wish I had somebody like Jim the Genius coaching me through the process. I do get some great tips from some a couple of pros here in Santa Cruz.

Livin’ the dream, Rich

Hey DJK,

Thanks for the kind words.


If you mean the orange board. I’m not sure but I think it’s one of John Mel’s early shapes. It’s real small thing from back in the early '70’s. I’ll ask John next time I see him.

Mahalo, Rich

Nice job Rich!

Hi Rich,

      So this is your second shape? Something doesn't fit here, or me and some of my friends are really bad shapers, and we'll never be anything better, or you just have really good capabilities to reproduce physically what you have on your brain... i hope the second thing is the true. 

      Nice shape! It seems fun to ride and fast on beach breaks while maneuvrable due it's rocker. Please let us see all the process. Are you going with Greg's epoxy? 

      Thanks for sharing. Good work!

Hey Coque,

Yes, I’ll be using Greg Loerh’s epoxy on the board. the bottom will be double 4oz. The deck will be 6oz with a 3/4 lenght 6oz. patch. I’m going to put a moderate amount of red and white Hawaiian print fabric on the nose in the shape of a wave because the board will be in traffic fairly often so I want it to be very visible. I may use poly to put it down and then proceed with epoxy. I have to talk to the glass master before I decide on this. When I’m done sanding the board out I’m going to attempt polishing Greg’s epoxy. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Have a great time in Portugal!

Mahalo, Rich