Travel Cases for Boards (Off topic a bit)

Ok, yes I know this is a shaping forum and all but I also know a lot of you guys travel a lot. I was curious on the cases and/or bags you use to transport your boards. I’m heading down to Mexico this summer and after seeing the Singlefin: yellow movie where Tyler uses the Santa Monica Hard Shell cases I’ve been doubting my choice on the DAKINE World traveler bag or the like. Any recomendations and I’m sorry for being off topic a bit, just trust your opinions over the 12 year old wise asses on the mag forums. Christian

Last trip I took to the islands the baggage boys managed to seriously ding both boards, both flights. This is despite my having the best (soft) bag I could find and using bubble wrap on the deck/bottom and pipe insulation on the rails. Complaining to the airline is like talking to a brick wall, too – accomplishes nothing other than you annoy yourself even further. If you really want to protect your board the hard case is probably going to do it. I’m sure there are downsides too (expense, storing the thing when not in use) but that’s my 2 cents worth.

I took an 8-0 hard case to Costa Rica last year. For pure protection - you can’t beat it. However, if you’re traveling with a friend who has one, it’s a pain in the ass to strap two cases on top of a rental car. As well, if you have to take a shuttle between terminals at the airport - you’ll have a struggle getting it on and of the bus. I’m still happy me mine though - what’s a bit of inconvenience compared to peace of mind.

Christian, I use a World Traveler (double) myself and always pack my clothese, towels etc around the boards. I have been lucky so far. Keith right about the hard cases (best) if you have storage and the money. Herb Bean

I have been on 2 trips to Nicaragua with a friend who took a longboard and a gun in Santa Monica case both times. I ended up with dings/crushed nose each time and he came through unscathed. The downside was trying to lash the thing into the back of a Toyota Hi-Lux. It was a real pain. My advice - if you are going to be basing yourself out of one area for several days at a time and you can store the thing, go with the surf case. Otherwise, if you are going to be motoring around the entire time then go with the soft bag and bring a ding repair kit.

Yeah we are going to be based out of Manzanillo Bay on the pacific coast, but I’m bringing 3 - 4 boards for my girlfriend and I. Have to look on ebay, hopefully I’ll find one cheep. Thanks for all the help.

packing.on the cheap… clark foam boxes are superior…travel bag inside and then sheathe with a box wowie zowie bat man and the corners can hold wetsuits towels etc and souvineerz…get the box dimensionally correct for the board and bag combo too big isnt as good…length add enouh length to cut and integrate flaps as closure ends that come with box have disadvntages 1.single thickness c-board 2.have to have stapler to make clean closure…clean easy to handle box bag case is high priority make it easy on the bag handler write a joke or draw a picture on the outside of the damn thing to identify it and entertain the baggage handlers and thank them for not wrecking your board in advance…like saying hello to a barking dog this can sometimes be effective…pack your board like you care dont use a bag that is just barely big enough nose an tail damage guaranteed neophrene or ethafoam pipe insulation arround rails and nose is also good bang insurance I pack many and have a good track record …when the value of the case exceeds the cost of a new board…I worry…how about a violin case construction? perhaps a Paul Jensen epoxy laminated glass composite with a blown foam interior custon to fit the stradle various …ambrose after breakfast mental excercise … mr jensen ? 300-700$for a custom case sounds interesting ?verdad? velvet lining xtra…

hey christian im from ny and ive done quite a bit of travelling with boards- the box obviously has more protection- i own one, but have actually only used it for one trip. if you have really precious boards, there is no other way to go. as far as carting the box around, almost any airport has temporary storage on site, or relatively close. if not the airport, the rental car place should also be able to help- look into that option before you leave- it may cost some $$, but well worth it. now, the box i have is for a 9’6"- as i said, ive only used it once. if im going someplace where a lb isnt the right call, i have a prolite coffin bag. it is at least six inches (closer to a foot) bigger than the largest board, and packing them is near rocket science. first, pipe insulation on the rails (DO NOT GET THE SELF STICK, TRUST ME). then careful packing of soft stuff in the rocker areas, towel wrap, and duct tape. i pretty much pack enough soft stuff to make the board a rectangle. all of my board socks are oversized (the 7’6" funboard type is good- even better to have your mommy make some) and i pull this over the whole package. then place it in the board bag with the other boards. some other tricks- if the boards are super light, and you dont have that much clothing/gear, i have used the sawed off rail pieces from blanks to create ribs- find a piece that roughly fits the rocker/rails and tape them down. this works really well, but takes up alot of room: as i said, all of my stuff is oversized. i had a girlfriend once that worked for american airlines- (hence the travel)- she said that the bags are loaded in the order they are taken. i cant back this up, but i always arrive on the later side of safe. the best advice i can give: take old boards and new ding repair.