Twento FO inches wide

I made a 24 inch longboard two surfboards ago and it’s sick. 24 inches felt pretty magical. Im about to template a wood board and want to go 24 inches. the board will have a D fin and will be ridden in california point surf.

I just want to know about other people with 24 inch wide longboards and how they feel about them.

anyone have a 24 inch wide longboard they appreciate?

If its 11 foot long then ya 24" wide

my 10 ft’r is about 23.5" wide


Rides like my old South Bay POP OUT D-fin 60’s LB but handles bigger surf too.

My friends call it the Dominator and borrow it a lot.

Lots. 24 is a good number, it fits right under my arm with plenty of finger wrap around the rail. 25 is pushing it, if I still want to carry it under my arm (but 25 surfs good too).

Wide boards are curvy. Curvy is fun to surf. Rollercoasterish.

Although, you’re talking point surf, where parallel can be fun too. Depends on the style of surfing you’re shooting for. And D-fins generally aren’t known for lots of direction changes…

If you’re going with the D, put that 24 mark a foot behind center. Pigs like D fins.

good words. thanks.

whoa, I think you guys are on to something…

24 is …

42 written backwards!!!

it must be a sign…


…and don’t forget your towel…

{close doug adams mode}

This one works. 10’2" X 24"+

10’2 x 24" x 3.5" ,

rides real nice with 7.5" fin all the way up

and a real killer with regular thruster setup.

a real wave-hunter!

though it would be nicer if it was 9’6x 24x 2.5 :slight_smile:

thats my next to shape…

Back whenever Clark first came out with the 11’3’’ and 12’3’’ blanks (weren’t those a Velzy/Downing collaberation? Talk about a pedigree!!)

I made myself a 10’6’’ x 25’’ time machine and set the dial on 1958. It was SOOO fun to learn to plan ahead and set up stuff, cuz there’s no

quick turns on a board like that when you weigh 150 lbs. If I had gotten a paddle I could have started the SUP fad 15 years early. (on second thought…)

So stable at that width, best noserider I ever had. I still have what’s left of it and maybe I’ll ride it again when I get old. Right now I’m re-

living my childhood by riding fishes as short as I can get away with. I made a second one a few years ago, only thing I changed was bringing the width down to twento fo so I could carry it easier. Never even waxed that one, the fishes got in the way.

Nothing wrong with twento fo, like benny said, curve is good.

Hi Mike

       My 2 backyard longboards are 9'8 and a 10'1,both check in at 24.5" wide.Work well in the small waves here. 

I’d ride them more except for that damn fish.So much fun… Thanks again.

This thread is really what the best of Swaylocks’ is all about - tossing surfshop trends and media cliches out on their ears.

Build your 24. Or 25. Or whatever looks like a nice curve with your other dimensions, rocker, and foil. Numbers are just a point of departure anyway, certainly not parameters to be kept within.