twin fin rounded pin ?

been messing around

It seems surfing is often around perception. (at my level anyway)

‘The board looks and feels right,’ then ‘intially nine times out of ten it surfs alright’.

In some ways its a Pitty that so often this pre emitve ‘Perception’ becomes ‘real’ once its percieved

In that sense i almost have to disengage my mind when taking out the middle fin on my pintailed egg to see how it will work.

whats ‘your’ perception to rounded pins on a twin fin configuration

interested if any ‘perceptions’ out there can help make it work better…

It’s been done…pre 80s at that…I liked em.

check theres a photo of a Swift Movement round pin quad in the Festivus photos bit- looks nice certainly.

my mate surfs a rounded pintail twin fin. He loves it and surf it really well i will try and get some ohitis for you

A buddy of mine had one back in the day and surfed it very well. I think it was a 6’4" and looked to be around 20" wide.

I’ve been really interested lately about a rounded pin with no center fin (either twin or quad)… Let us know how it works out for you.

I have a 5’10 quad with a rounded pintail that I surf in waves under shoulder high, and it goes insanely well. It’s pretty fast and skatey like a fish but it will surf little waves top to bottom as opposed to down the line fish style. I’ve had it out in 1.5x OH waves a few times but it seems to be kind of tracky making surfing top to bottom kind of difficult. As the waves get bigger you progressively have to muscle your turns more and more, but if you had a fast walled up point with little room for cutting back I believe it would truly be in it’s element, it’ll have to settle for surfing small beachbreak waves for now though. Fins are by RFC front fin is bigger, almost twin fin size and the back fin is small (only needs one FCS plug). Maybe would surf better in bigger conditions if I surfed it as a twinzer, but I thoroughly enjoy surfing my trifins in good waves so no real input on that. Width is somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 1/4, thickness around 2 1/2. The outline is more like a hybrid, closer to a conventional thruster than a fish type board, the tail is not overly wide. Rocker is not as flat as a fish either, but pretty flat in comparison to any of my normal thrusters, especially in the nose. Bottom, I believe, is flat.

I also have another early 80’s quad 5’8 with channels and a little bit of V in the tail, tail is a super wide squash with wings in the outline. Nose is not very wide, maybe just a bit narrower than my other board fairly thick, and that thickness is carried through out. This board has been a dog so far, though in all fairness I’ve only taken it out on some pretty crap days. It may work well in good waves but I just can’t justify taking it out when the waves are good. Hardly an excuse, I know.

If you need anymore let me know.

Howzit Joey!

My old boss several years ago was kind enough to let me try out his quiver.

One of my favorites was a 6’1 G&S twin fin, rounded pin from 79’. I loved it, never seen one since. At that time I had not tried a typical twin keel-fin fish. The outline was very different to those, more like a slight teardrop shape. The board had very small wings and BIG fins, -no keels though! It was a wide board (around 22’’ ?) and around 3’’ thick, very little nose rocker, stubby nose. The bottom was flat going into Vee. As you can tell, I am not a shaper and have only surfed this board a couple of times years ago, or else I could give a better explanation. However, I agree to an earlier comment, -this set up seems to allow you to surf more top to bottom than a regular fishtail would allow. Plus it’s super fast with all that planing area and only two fins…

I have used it mainly at the Pass in Byron as well as in Lennox on a smaller day. Both are pointbreaks and the board was suiting these waves perfect.

Oh, I nearly forgot the most important bit, -it had a sick wave airbrushed on the bottom by a guy named Davidson if I remember right.

Swaylockers have mercy!


Do a search on Daruma board. 6’9" x 23" x 3". Fun board in small surf. Good volume, catches well and fun to ride.