Twinzer fin development

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted any photos of what I’ve been working on.

I have three boards that are Polyeurathane/Epoxy laminat. Two completely different

approaches to a 7’9" and a 6’4". They’re all Twinzers, Herringbone Paulownia, Phalsa, & Dauntless,

as I call them. They all surf real well and continue to provide good platforms for fin performance development.

The two wide tailed boards have FCS center boxes in the tail for tailer kickers that accomplish directional stability

quite well without slowing things down at all.

The one pictured here is a winter board that is the first one shaped and finished sometime ago which I just finished a proper

set of Carbon/Glass/Epoxy helically foiled Modified Gion fins for in preparation for the upcoming NW swells.

I thought a few photos might provoke some interesting discussion. I’ll be happy to share the other boards if anyone

has interest.

The fin shop is tight and dry and things are moving along nicely for custom fin work.


Stay Stoked, Rich




I’d like to see the other boards

Always interested in your work Rich


Excellent. And you keep forgetting to make those replacement helically foiled twins for me. I would love to see more of the boards and find. 

All the best 

Yew, I need to fix up the “randy sleigh” “blue hawaii” twinzer, get her back in the water.

Hi Rich

Could you run a regular quad set-up as well with that plug placement?



But I never forget anything, yeah right!

Give me details on those replacement fins you call for.



Box type or Glass on:


I’ll get on them straight away.

Stay Stoked, Rich


A quad set-up could work.

I’d have to consider what sort of fin templates, sizes and cant would work.


Stay Stoked, Rich