unsure tall customer about a fish

…so here I am trying to convince someone who wants a fish but think that he s too tall (1,85 +/- 6´1´´ 89 kg 194 lbs)for one…

what s your opinion?

I mean

I ll go with something around 5 11´´

Hi Reverb,

I like a 6’ modern fish for small waves.I’m 6’1" and Benny1 made a 6’ fish and he is taller than me.

My neighbor Grant is 6’5"+& 250lb and rides a 6’8" (Grooper fish).I have seen fish shapes from 5’8"-8’

Ask him what is the smallest volume board he can paddle and go from their.

Have fun,


I’m 6’3" 140lbs and am having a 6’o" fish shaped. fishes are a wierd breed, anything goes really. it’s all about comprimise…

I’m 6’3 and 200 lbs. I have a 6’ x 22 x 2 1/2 fish that paddles just fine. When I was 225 I had a 5’8x20.5x 2 1/2 that caught waves just fine.

I’m 6’0" and 180-190lbs. Currently riding a 5’8" Larry Mabile twin-keel fish. PLENTY of board for me, and my 6’1" and 6’3" friends have ridden it with no problems.

Aforementioned 6’3" x 210lb friend rides a 5’8" Zippi fish, and says it is has made him enjoy small surf again.

I rode a friends 5’5" fish the other day in knee-waist high, onshore but lined up stuff in full-winter-gear (6/5/4, boots, gloves). I realized my 5’8" is somtimes too big for me to do what I want to do on it. Friend said I was getting rediculous speed, fitting it into tight pocket-oriented maneuvers, and, most importantly, I had a blast on it.

That said, I would recommend a bulky 5’8 (but with well-foiled rails) to a thinner-tapered 6’0" for your friend since he is hesitant to drop down too small.

…thank you fellas

I tell the guy who goes smallest that he can

I dont like fishes more than 6 or so

I think that lose the fish “effect”

is more like a boat

the guy have a 6 6 bonzer and a 6 6 thruster

yes, I think to go 5 11 x near 3´´ tapered to the tail

or may be 5 9 not so tapered

6´´ butcrack

the guy is concerned about his long legs when he ll stand up cause between the butcrack and the nose area there s not too much space.

so I told him thats ok

its all that the fish design is related; moving both legs in a reduced surface