update on projects 2&3

This is primarily for Chip/Shwuz/Benny

a very big mahalo to CMP as his guidance and generosity are beyond description…

Project2 = Brother’s 8’2 EPS longboard fighter… Also to be passed on to his daughters

sorry for the night shots almost forgot to photo it before he took it home

Future owners of this board

Project3 = My first real shaping attempt and also a test of Bert’s balsa rails technique:

Before Pics:


Project 4 is being glassed

Project 5 (flexy fish board) is having it balsa rails attached

Here’s Project 6 = favorite 15 yr old long board restoration 10’ jim turnbull custom bonzer bottom.

Absolutely the best longboard I’ve ever owned period including my Parmenters and Ku’s,

sanded down to the glass 1/64 veneer from joewoodworking being lamed to the deck and bottom and 2oz glass with RR resin to seal.

Before shots

Thanks everyone as things are finally moving along

projects 4 and 6 should be done soon and project 3 in a couple more weeks(damn balsa rails).

got 6 more EPS blanks being glued up too…

fun fun fun

Oh yeah we rode-em saturday PM…

mine was way too much board for the waves we were riding not surprising being it started as a pipe minigun shape. Definitely a travel board for indo/samoa

My brother was entralled with his board especially when we changed to that yellow fin… He had a greenough paddle which didn’t work at all. He loves that it works as expected and he made it with his own ideas and hands about what he wanted and not what someone told him he needed… That’s the beauty of all this and best of all they are built to last… His daughters will thank him for that later… Now he has to make another one for the little one only problem is she wants a 10’ tandem board so she doesn’t to do any work…

We got waves this weekend and next week it’ll be a good welcome into summer 1-2x overhead on the south.

Aloha from Ewa…

Brilliant work Oneula, I love that tail block. The best thing about boards like that is that they last forever and it’s such a thrill to see your labours used by stoked kids.

Again, Well done…


absolutely beautiful.

although i think this is definitely becoming an obsession.

it’s good that you have ‘customers’ for these projects or your gonna need a bigger garage.

as the new master in “bert” technology…

do you have any opinions about applying the rails before, after, or during the bottom lam?

i’m guessing the top balsa sheets are now closer to 1/16" instead of 1/8".

either way, have you tried using heat to help with wrapping the rails?

I wonder how much the heat contributes to softening the wood compared to the effects of just absorbing the resin.

even baskets makers soak the reeds for a few seconds to get them plyable (sp?).


they look great.


Thanks guys.

Sorry Hicksy had a brain spaz and forgot your logo which I love dearly…Don’t worry they’ll be on the flexy fish and future home depot experiments…


I bought some veneer softener but I’m not sure how it’d work on the balsa versus the regular veneer I’m putting on my 10’ as those sheet are 110’x11" sheets.

One thing I’m slowly learned from CMP is keep it simple and it’s a breeze. The more variables you add the harder it is. My board had to be completely re-worked because of my big idea of gluing on walnut to the balsa. The balsa rails also weren’t needed as the board was already a triple stringered gun… But this board will be pretty hard to snap so it should last a while in some heavy stuff…

Although the bamboo is absolutely beautiful to see my brother swears he will never ever use it again as it was just too hard to work with. I like the look and it’s strength so I’ll continue to struggle with it. Just bought some yesterday and now my hands are full or bamboo micro splinters its worse than working with resined fiberglass.

Anyway give her a go the experience is very enlightening about what really makes a surfboard…

Aloha No…

beautiful, Oneula! Well worth the wait to see those stix. The bamboo looks sick too, but damn I bet that weave was a mother to get flat! Two thumbs up, wish I lived in hawaii so we could paddle out for a swap session.

I’m with Schwuz…I like that bamboo more & more every time I see it again. Nice work, Oneula. How much does the longboard weigh? What are the specs on the barrel-seeker?

Your magic bonzer-bottom longboard is pretty interesting too. How much weight do you figure its going to gain? Have you thought of just routing the deck to 1" inside the rail lines and doing deck wood like an inlay?

I gotta say, after bagging bottom & deck skins on my newest longboard, inlcuding around pre-shaped foam rails, I’m going back to the other way. I think bagging flat (mostly) skins, squaring up the rails, adding strips to thickness & then shaping…although tedious, its a more predictable process. I didn’t like the warps & dips the veneer made in the bag, curving around the rails, and the sanding, cutting, filling, & patching is not a job I’m looking forward to. Plus I think there’s always a chance that the little fills & patches make a series of hard/soft string/weak spots that imbalance the performance & longevity of the board.

Thanks Jarrod and Ben

you know you guys pretty much inspired me to keep hanging in there sorting through all the technical nightmare that some of this has become…

I guess we along with chip and hicksy are part of the “just do it” group…

Make-um, try-em, learn from your mistakes and make some more…

I like the idea that we’re not trying to overthink and over prepared things before we give it a go.

I know my next boards will be much more radical in design like concave decks and tabbed horizontal bamboo stringers to attach my balsa rail strips to. also can’t wait to make my soft pvc or air mat inserted/glued on bottom experiment. Something in my head says a super soft bottom layer to direct the water flow up to a hard railed flexing board will be a good experiment… I’ll flip the layup with the 1"+ bamboo on the deck and the 2" carved out for the PVC on the bottom. Jarrod gonna try the glass veneer glass too as I want to make a singing board as well…


the 8’2 seems heavy to me but it’s also 2.75 all the way to the rail as the deck is completely flat which is how I guess my brother likes them. He hates any doming under his chest so the rails are extremely full. I rode it and it trimmed unreal just a little hard to turn with the greenough paddle. He said the fins unlimited “Jr Boy” model made a huge difference with it’s wide base… He did a deep double barrel through his tail which you can see on his tail block.

My board on the other hand has razor thin rails and an extremely domed deck. CMP says the board is almost stepped deck with 1-2" thick rails top to bottom. I’m actually testing Tom’s new prototype second generation inside curve side fins on the board. We’ll soon see when the big swell hit this week. The board is a little small for me though at 7’3"x19"x2.5" single to double barrel. Feels fast though and on the small waves I was able to ride it still turns easy.

Can’t wait to see you 11 footer.