...update , on the 6'8 blank....

well, it’s now been re-templated , at least …

13 1/2" x 6’4 x 19" x 2 3/8" [so far] by 14"

4" nose rocker

2" tail rocker

…to be continued …


Are you still thinking about a single Ben ?

That has thruster written all over it.

But of course I am biased toward the thrusters.

I like the outline and the way the tail flows through.

And I am sure you’ll put about a thousand fin plugs in for unlimited combos.



thanks for the reply , daren !

the tail is taken from a mate’s snapped 6’8

the nose is the prawn’s , narrowed ,

the midsection was from the previous owner’s attempt at shaping . so , i’m glad it all somehow 'flowed .

now i just need to do a slow and careful job of getting thruster rails , and bottom . [inspired by both the ‘soul’ hot buttered video, and simon’s green egg from the ‘cutaway keels’ thread

fin setup ??

well, ‘at the moment’ , it will be a 10" finbox , with four fcs plugs [yep, that’s TWO each side …]

…but , a mate , Marty , wants to ride a four fin [thruster outline] , and also , as a five finner …]


…to be continued , eh ?! …

cheers daz !


hey ben

you should get the probox versaplane setup

its ultimate for guys that like playing fins

easy to install as well

a 50$ bunnings router is all you need

i got your letter the other day


cheers paul

where does one get that ?

[mind you , as this is my last board for a while , i might as well just stick with the fcs plugs i already have …]

so , do you still need any more fins for your quad , Paul ?



pm probox larry

he may sort you out with a set

always keen to try a new fin out