UPOL vs. gloss resin

Whats everyones thoughts on the two.  I want to know whats better to use for better shine. Ive used both but it seems like sanding out the UPOL orange peel is a huge pain in the ass and time consuming. 

I think Resinhead has a handle on using Upol pretty well, check out some of his posts. Maybe he’ll chime in.

I like Upol for being quick and light weight and seemingly water tight. Its expensive, 2 cans for a 9 footer and it melts with common solvents when repairs come up down the road. I never had an orange peel issue, are you putting it on thick enouph to melt the ultra fast dry first pass? Every time I've used it 2  passes seem to be necessary to get it all laid out smooth, that's why 2 cans for a 9 footer.