USA surfboard shipping reccomendations

Hey, I was hoping someone might have some inside information on shipping a surfboard back to the USA east coast. I will be flying seperately from Colorado and wanted to have my board with me. It is too inconveinient and costly to take it on the plane. Does UPS or FedX take a 7 ft board or is that to oversize? What is my cheapest or my most secure means of getting my board out and back. Thanks to all advice…

depending on which airline you’re flying, taking it with you could be the cheapest ($40 one way?). otherwise, a buddy of mine recently priced shipping for a small retro board under 6’ for “the big three” – FedEx, UPS, and DHL – and FedEx was the cheapest (about $80 one way).

not a recommendation per se, but an option

ship a box containing a board , box must be limited by 82 or 84" long.

$56 or less anywhere in the continental US.

They are not a dedicated shipping company.