Hey folks, help me out here will you?

The little plus and minus expand a thread buttons…

  1. Does any body use them?

  2. If yes, would you miss them if they were gone?



hi Mike !

1. Does any body use them?

I don’t , personally , so

  1. I wouldn’t miss 'em if they disappeared …

cheers !



Nope, i dont use them either and dont mind if they go.



don’t use em

Don’t use them.

I thought they were there only for decoration.

I don’t/haven’t used them, but now that you mention it, I’ll have a look. Presently, I wouldn’t miss them if they were gone.


No from me too Mike…Wouldn’t miss them if they went…

Clicked it once to see what it did. But since then…


Won’t miss them ,

what do they do…

never clicked one till 30 seconds ago , dont think i will again …




I thought they were there only for decoration.

you arn’t the only one.

I for one would’nt miss them.

Hey MP,

I don’t use them but everything else about the your thread access is super usable. Not clunky and counter intuitive like so many other forums.

Love the ability to either start at the beginning or jump to the last post in a thread all from the same place.

Only other feature that would be nice is a reference on each post noting what number post it was in reply to. For example:

“Posted in reply to post 45 of 300”.

Would make it easier to piece together some of the conversations.

used them once to find a specific post but usually just scroll… dump em if they cause you any work or headache…

never used them

I don’t use 'em. The cookies allow you jump to the last unread post in a thread anyhow (when you’re logged in) and mark the new posts ‘new’. I’m a fan of the PhpBB2 style forum, click on a thread to see it’s contents.

  1. No, I wouldn’t miss them if they were gone.

No, I don’t use them either.

I don’t use them. Never have.