Use Kwik Kick Hardener with Kwik Kick!

O.K. I guess I had to be that guy.  Through no fault of my own I was given regular fast hardener with the Kwik Kick.

I should have known something was wrong when I started with a full set of futures box installs on 4 boards.  I had to remove the boxes after an hour and wipe out the resin and clean the boxes.  I wrote it off as a mistake with the mix and low temps 65-70 F.  At least I mixed up regular CE with X-55 and re-did the boxes.

So of course I went straight into 2 full bottom lams with the KK.  Right up to the point that I stopped gloating at how quickly I lammed the bottoms, got a full wet out and beat any issues with gelling that I realized something was wrong.  At hour 3 it was still goey sticky.

Thanks again Greg for answering my email so quickly.  I found out that it will work,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,eventually.  According to Mr. Loehr the final product will not be as strong.

8 hours later I checked the lam and amazingly it was hard.  The left over resin in the bucket was also rock hard.  Aside from some minor draining issues I got lucky that I didn't have to toss 2 custom orders.

So I repeat DO NOT USE REGULAR FAST HARDENER WITH KWICK KICK EPOXY!!!!!!  You need to use Kwik Kick hardener with Kwik Kick.

Whew that was stressfull!

    Howzit DMP, It hs been a little chilly lately, can't wait for the sun to come back and warm things up. By the way we saw each other at Foodland today. Aloha,Kokua

Howzit Kokua,

I passed you on the way out.  I didn't register that it was you, sorry.  I see you from time to time in our small community but it is easy to not connect this cyber world with the real world at times.

I hope your health issues are all pau.

Yup it was freezing last night, what 62 degrees, brrrrr.  I had to get out an extra blanket.  And no I'm not trying to be sarcastic

Aloha Aukai