using boat polish?

I couldnt quite get the right texture of a recent ding repair- i used some boat polish and its got it super shiny, whats the best way to match the original feel of the board after ding repair?


tom from new zealand

You’re not clear on what “right texture” you’re trying to duplicate. If boat polish (just fiberglass polish after all) made it “super shiny” then what’s wrong with that? Maybe only that you should do it all over the board?

Tom…perhaps your board had a sanded finish or “speed spray” finish.Polishes and compounds are nothing more than liquid sandpaper.Try sanding the polished area with 220 grit and see if it matches better. RB

If the board was a sanded finish originally, sand to 220 and spray it with 2 coats of clear satin acrylic in a rattle can. Let it dry and you’re done.