bild my first polyboard. laminating with regular resin and hotcoated with uv resin(voss-chemie). The shop told me there was wax in it but sanding was very hard and the paper gumd up. I put extra wax in it(3%) and waited about 5 min. before curing in the sun. It went ok then. How long does it take too rise the wax, how long is the final cure and is it nesesary too put the board in the sun too fully cure. thanks

…Stick it back in the sun for awhile that should do it,if not post back,and tell you how to get a sandable surface on it,it’s no big deal,just don’t freak,and kill your board.Herb

did not help, i think there is not enouf wax in the resin.

Howzit Geert, as far as hot coating with UV I think it’s better to shoot them with catalyst,eliminates any problem with wax not rising and making for a gummy hot coat. Let the board set for about 15 mins after it kicks then put it in the sun to crisp it. Aloha, Kokua

how much(%) harder? and how doo i fix the gumming? thx guys

…Just take wax paper and lay it down from nose to tail in long single strips.THEN HEAT IT UP …BUT NOT TO HOT!!!The sun works or a hair dryer,heatgun.This will transfere the wax to your board from the paper,and give you a sandable surface.Herb