OK guys…everybody get out there and buy some flowers! Doug

Why are they going to let priests get married? So they will no what hell is like. Don’t buy flowers and you will be in the same position. There is nothing we can do about it. Suggstions?

Don’t buy flowers, do a floral fabric inlay on a board and give that to her

You suggest an elegant and logical solution and readers of this forum would agree. However the target market on Valentines day is a woman who remains a baffling caldron of human emotion devoid of logic. Flowers equate with romance. Surfboards do not arose the same force of romantic passion. It is really a shame. I would prefer surfboards over diamonds much less flowers. Giving a surfboard may foster a longer and lasting bonding assuming the board is used which is even more logical. However the reward system of women treats flowers in the same way as cocaine or food. As most of us know from cruel experience it is better to go cheaper and rely on flowers rather than take risks. Stick with simplicity, there is more at stake than meets the eye.

Go to the cemetery. Find a fresh bunch of roses. Give them to the Lady and don’t ever let her find out where they’re from. Spend the money saved into buying some wax and (or fin, or board… the price of flowers is ridiculous this time of year…) NOT!!! seriously, if you are blessed enough to have a significant other, treat her good. It’s a big day on most female’s calendars. I would try to make it special if I had a Girlfriend… -“Let’s go to the punk rawk show…” PS This thread in no way advocates the theft of flowers from dead people. Although I plan on having “Free Flowers” placed on my headstone. But that is a personal choice.

However the reward system of women treats flowers in the same way as cocaine or food. This is an interesting observation. Flowers can be cheaper than cocaine or food, but not nearly as much fun to share. As for the other suggestion about aquiring flowers from boneyards, I would advise against that. Most women these days are as hopelessly ignorant of manners as us guys are…carnations, though they may smell nice and are readily available, are not the best choice for a romantic gift, as they do have a funeral connotation.

tootsie roll with a bow on it…could led to bigger and better things OR be an easy “out”.

As for women being ignorant to manners these days, I have no idea what girls you are talking about. I am a girl well aware of manners. It’s all about respect. As far as V-Day goes, i personally have not found any value in the romantically proposed holiday. It’s more important to recognize and appreciate the people you love in your life as frequently as possible, and no day should have to remind me to do it. Has life really gotten so busy that Americans need to be reminded to love the people they love? I mean, enjoy it for what it’s worth, lightly taken there is fun to gain, but don’t think too hard about it. If you think someone would appreciate a flower, especially if you know what kind of flower, and you can afford it, why not? I definately think too that you can go beyond flowers, a surfboard definately sounds better than some flowers! I have a friend that owns a record store, and every time a holiday comes I get an LP or a video or DVD and it’s way cool. Flowers die man. But if you wanna celebrate V-day, creativity always goes a long way and shows someone you cared enough to think about it. Peace

Give her a card with flowers and chocolate. Then blow out of there and hit the surf.

taker her surfing…

I definately think too that you can go beyond flowers, a surfboard definately sounds better than some flowers! My comment on ignorance of manners was intended to mean that most people wouldn’t recognize certain flowers as having specific meaning, not that everyone is a pig. What I wrote didn’t sound that way. No offense intended. However, BIG, accepting more than flowers or candy is traditionally seen as questionable…if a guy is giving out surfboards beware of knocks on the door after midnight. Personally I have dinner reservations for 8:00 p.m., and several nice bottles of pinot noir to quaff while watching “Under the Tuscan Sun” between now and then. I refrained from asking my wife if we get to see Diane Lane nude, figuring all surprises in this evening will be pleasant. I doubt if I will be in any condition to engage in electric word combat or philosophy for the rest of the weekend. I hope you all have a real boss time, whatever you do…