Value of a vintage Keoki Board 9'6


I have a vintage Keoki Board. Its a 9’6. Its about 40 years old i think. I’m curious what it might be worth. Its in decent shape, a few repairs, completely surfable, glassed on fin. Anyone have any opinions on what it might be worth?

Sounds like it’s worth takin’ out and surfin’ t’me.

Right on all counts. heavy as hell, popout. They made hundreds of them, all pretty much identical, popped 'em out of a mold and there you were, the Keokis, the Dextras, the Heathways and a bunch of others from the same factory, they changed the colors and the stickers and that was about it.

Value? I have seen 'em selling for 3x what they sold for new, and I can remember when kids wanted to trade 'em in and giving them five bucks not to even bring it into the shop.

If somebody offers you $350 and up in real money for the board, sell that sucker so fast it smokes going out the door. There may be some bozo telling you 'Ohh, Duude, that’s a classic, it’s worth X hundred or X thousand" - yah, right. Unless he is offering you that figure in cash then and there, he’s full of it. I see dozens of them every year, both the popouts and the wanna-be surfboard authorities.

Or, best choice, you can surf the beast. It isn’t some rare collector’s item, like I said, you’re not running the risk of ruining a classic. Adequate small wave board, providing you can get the beast turned, and surprisingly fast. Heavy and damn hard to ding, so crowds fear you. Have fun with it. Watch out about installing a leash, you might wind up with one leg substantially longer than another.

hope that’s of use