variety surf

the joyous dial and the lovely little peak in the background say it all I think.

yeah , Ian is a VERY funny guy …hard to believe he is a scientist who looks at rocks under a microscope all day , really !!

now I just need to photograph him [with lab coat, mask and rubber gloves on , perhaps?] riding some of THESE boards …

len dibben twinny [3 1/8" thick ?!]

notice the lovely deck delam…

[this board is , after all, 31 years old…and it seems the previous owner/s did not look after it very well, at all…]

Awesome shots!

awesome twinnie chip.

one day i’m going to make a 6’ 2 1/2" version with awesome shaped keel fins like those.

Ian ‘sandgroper’ with the 7’er , with a “normal” singlefin in it …

Great photos Benchippenator. Thanks for sharing. Mike