vas is dis ?

and some here thought my boards were a little unusual ? …

sun damage , or a warped shaper ?

(or perhaps one of 'salvy’s descendants shaped it , eh ?)…_0.jpg

Extreme vacuum pressure or overshaping? Kinda cool looking though!

looks like an aussie version of this thing…

Probably rides like it too…

see here…

Talk about enough sponsers…

Maybe the guy should sign up with Hammacher Schlemmer while he’s at it.

Remember Doc’s USO project?

Must have been fun to glass!

Hey Ben,

You can blame it all on Greg Loehr. Those concaves are all his fault. :wink:



sllings and arrows of the lesser design committed

shall not deter the truly inquisitive mind

from the path least travailed

adventures in


leave the veteran

with tales to share with

the folks left back with the secure

trite hack kneed complacent forms that

no longer stimulate the lust for experiential

k n o w l e d g e

standing on a ledge

overlooking the abyss of truth

not everyone has the courage to leap.

this …an accident ,maybe

a divine intervention?

a close tollerance calculated experiment ?

from any perspective

a success only if tested fully in a range of conditions.

without commitment to adventures like this

there is no progress

only the status of following market trends orchestraed by

wizards behind the curtain

for some Oz has to be well removed geographicly

to be credible

progress can come from a garage in menlo park

or a garden in santa rosa


turn on a light bulb

or bite into a nectarine

once upon a time there was a guy named Hydro

one of his boards

was last seen screwed

to a wall outside

cathys surfshop at kinipopo

he did concaves like this to ride cannons

a blow to the head from behind by a drunk

beligerant ended his life run with a coma for a number of years

Hydro lives…he didn’t have a laminate fixation

I blew up the image, and it appears to have a real wooden stringer. Also, the Gotcha, The Search, and Rip Curl decals look genuine. There is no evident distortion of the background, so I conclude that it probably isn’t some stupid Photoshop trick (unless someone enjoys an embarassing excess of available time). I’m sorry to say that my guess is that it is exactly what it appears to be, a (more-or-less standard) thruster with the core somehow sucked or melted out. Definitely weird…


yea… but look at the fins… nobody did that intentionally.

I’ve seen that happen to old poly boards that were kept in an attic in Florida. some water was locked in, it degrades the foam properties a bit, it equilibrizes and steams like a sauna, heat and pressure cycles must break it down. I’ve not seen it happen to newer boards, but I had a nomad salvaged from an attic that looked just like this. Not very surfable.

I said a SLIGHT double.

probably left in the car the whole summer…

I know there was some thread about this freaky board here already but I thought I post it again as I saw it “live” hanging in a pub the other day and it is just too strange!

Anyone rode any of these things?

And how about that one?

Yah, what I really want to know is how the nose is hovering above the ground like that… that could be useful.



yea… but look at the fins… nobody did that intentionally.

I figure the fins skewed as the foam “went away” and the glass deformed. That and the angle of the shot seemed adequate to account for their appearance, though this is all speculation and I could easily be all wet with no waves…


Looks like somebody tried to poly over eps…

riding it would reveal…?

…“the search” is over ?


it’s just begun ?

…Personally , I’d like to see a profile view of this board …the deck [wonder how warped THAT is ?] and the rocker.

I’d ride it …



SINGLE fin ! [good luck getting the fin …‘perpendicular’ …though ?!]

I was just thinking …

'gotcha" , “rip curl” , ‘the search’ stickers on this board …

…could this have been an old board of Brock Little's , I wonder ??

As was mentioned previously …

the USO board of "Doc Lausch"s … for a comparison [‘uso’ stands for ‘unidentified surfing object’]

And , lest we forget …Gregg Webber , in Australia , also at one stage experimented with finless , DEEEEP concave boards, too [ He DID work at “Hot Buttered Surfboards” once , after all !]

cheers !


I was recently painting a house in Kapaa and I saw a knee board next to the garage. I went to check it out and the deck looked like that Rip Curl board. I thought that the 15 years of sitting in direct sunlight caused the phenomena. My guess is that blue pigment in the Rip Curl board sped up the process.


The first time I saw this board it was on the kneeboarding site and the poster was trying to

make a point about foam from other sources other than clark. The board was supossedly sitting

under his house when this happened??? Maybe a big spyder thought it was a big cockroach?