very ugly indeed - but.......

Will it work? anyone tried one?

did any one see the board with interchangable tails in the background

Sure it works!

Remember FatPenquins?

Everything works to an extent.

Depends what you want for “work”.

It paddles.

It catches waves.

You can stand up.

It will turn when banked.

It works !!

Wow. I saw one at the contemporary art museum recently, and I don’t much question that one or this one would work–I even think it would be a great ride, and I have a hard time believing GSi would do the board without it being ridden extensively–my question is why in the hell Meyerhoffer is letting GSI do it, and why are they doing it???

This right here is insane, and Griffin should be along any minute–he loves shit like this: I bet it works great.

“Very ugly indeed”

I don’t know… something about those shapes seem beautiful to me.

There are some earlier versions posted around here someplace. Leslie in Ft Bragg did the glassing on those.

As with many video clips of designers, the “sales pitch” aspect of this one and the Stewart model seem a bit hard to

swallow. I’d also like to recommend to the producers that someone write down what they’re supposed to say, print up some cue cards, and that these guys stick to the script rather than ramble about this or that. I found the director in me thinking, “Cut! - Was that in the F’ing script?! OK, let’s do this one more time and let’s get it right.”

“One design that works for everybody” - C’mon Bill, I ain’t buying that but that’s just me.

Out of the box thinking, for sure. Film of the board in action would be interesting to see.

When the video clip first opened I thought the tails (without fins) were some kind of “Reverse Vee” nose design.

In any case, the guy is pursuing his artistic vision. That’s a good thing.

My thoughts exactly.

I’m with you John.

I think the shape is quite beautiful! And if it works, all the better.

I have quite a few “concept” shapes on the table that are completely out of the ordinary, and I have theoretical reasons why I think they should work,

but I won’t know for sure until they the water.

I’m not sure I agree with all of his theories as to why things will work, but who am I?

He’s got something unique that could hit mainstream!

Good for him!

Keep em coming!

there was an article about him in TSJ about 2 years ago, i don’t remember which exactly- ill get back on that. it said that he was an engineer and a designer for apple, i think it said he designed casings for iMacs, iPods and such.

he seemed very mechanical in the description and his idea of simplicity in the board was interesting considering design of current mac products- and his house looked pretty bare and"simple" too

…maybe i’m reading too much in to it

Too much talking (theory)in both clips for me. Turned it off. I want to see the boards ridden. I guess I’m too impatient. Reminds me of the guys during my training in the studio talking up all the theory, but couldn’t punch their way out of a wet paper bag. That being said, the boards are very interesting. The ‘longboards’ remind me of Beluga’s. Who’s going to be the first Swalockian to try and build one? I’m not good enough. Mike

typical industrial designer sales pitch. let’s see one in action.


the s-winger for eye appeal, the interviewer on the Meyerh longboard sounded like he was gonna start crackin up - like to try one though, test drive either before im buyin.

Seen one in action tuesday december 18th , there was decent surf at linda mar . He dropped in front of me on a head high wave and i followed him from behind . The board and surfer manuevered with ease up and down the face of the wave , the board was fast as i chased him . I stopped by to admire the boards after we got out of the water . There was a 9’2" and a shorter one around 7’8" his buddy was riding . They both seemed to work great and they look cool .

Anyone notice that board looks to be around 7ft ish in that video…although he’s talking “longboard” and “nose-riding”…if i don’t see video of this board in action i might burst.

There’s a 7’ Stewart S-Deck demo board at Wavefront in Ventura if anyone in the Ventucky/Santa Babylon area are interested. I haven’'t ridden it but have talked with two others that have and they weren’t that impressed. The board is pretty busy and add the $700.00 plus price tag and people will shy away pretty quickly. (I’m not saying it’s not worth the money. I think a lot of potential buyers would be sketch to spend that kinda dough on a design that is so far from the norm.)

On the other hand, it’s cool to see how Stewart blends all the curves and angles together in person.

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I believe that cross over experts are gods gift to

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snow skis from dubai!

surfboards from the Ukraine!

or rum from alaska!

I think that computers are still kinda square

and in all due respect to the industry


them laptops should be

shaped loike apples like their name

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the revolution in design is coming

new laptops will look like a beaugess

casper and the fins will be for the back pack straps.

neck ties from the upper amazon

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breaking through the surfing hierarchy

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there are plenny of test riders

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and they will have club meetings

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and their own contest at the lane

or maybe pedro

yeah ‘’ the pedro challenge ‘’


I really think that they resemble a Morey Swizzle somewhat. They might ride close to them also. I agree that they are interesting looking and i would like to try one. I would also like to see video of someone putting one thru its paces.