These are links to the four board builders video pages in the Ultimate Craftsman Project BY VISSLA taking place at The Boardroom May 16 & 17.

These are the videos that the judges will be watching to help them determine the winner. There will also be a long version video at the show looping on a big screen.

Marc Andreini

Gene Cooper

Roger Hinds

Travis Reynolds

It should be noted that by participating all four of these craftsman have helped raise the bar for surfboard builders world wide. They did it for the love of it. Hats off to all four.

The judges are Peter St. Pierre, Jim Phillips, Gary Stuber, Sam Cody, John Cherry.

You be the judge. Who did the best job?

Nice share.

It’ll be a while to digest

the banquet presented here in.

Thanks for keeping the Swaylock’s Crew informed. Thanks for the links.I be hanging out at the BoardRoom Show on Sat after surfing…Please tell Peter and Son that Stingray says Hi.

Our own EtherealProdigy got invited to shape at the BoardRoom Show!

She’s a stud, check her out!

Can’t wait to see all these board. The boardroom never disappoints. I’ll be working there Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Hope to see some of you there.

some hype for the show. Thanks for listening.

I’ll be there Saturday.

Gunna be cheering on Whitney.

Hope to see some of you guys.

     Me too.

Always nice to see you Bill.


What was the show like, and the boards? Their website has not been updated yet…

cheers guys

Congratulations to Gene Cooper, his board was like a clinic in complex boardbuilding, and wow what a beautiful work of art - what was his prize for winning?  What became of the board?