Vintage Hobie Date?

Found under a house.  Logo looks like a sticker but is under the glass, number is 300.  Nothing else on it, just 3 redwood stringers.  Anyone have an idea of the date on this?

Your puttin’ us on, yeah?

Not a sticker.

Foil and very real.

Classic Hobie Phil Edwards.

A real one!

Circa 63–(or so)

can’t make the number stamped.

The lower the better.

Super good advanced rider board.

How about a detail on the number 

and the fin.

Early boards had Ash then a blue fiberglass

reverse fin…


Given Hobie’s production capbilities, and the low production number, it has to be in the first year of production of the Phil Edwards Model. 

Is that just lighting or does the second pic posted by Matty show a yellow board with a hard edge in the back? 

I have never seen an Edwards with color. 


Phil Edwards “Knife rail”

hard edge in the longboard days.

Eh, at one time it was said that

“Only Phil could ride his boards”

I didn’t embarass myself.

At the very top of classic longboards I have ridden.

Aloha Pete,

Given the low production number, there is a STRONG likelyhood that the board was shaped by Phil.      By 1965, Phil would on occasion have Terry Martin shape for a day (2 or 3 boards) if he (Phil) was working on his Catamaran El Gato.

Old, heavy, dirty. Nothing special. I’ll give $100 for it.

Such as sick board.  My favorite surfboard of all time actually.  Nice find man!!  Wish I was that lucky.  I will be looking under alot more houses from now on.

Thanks everyone, especially Bill.  Didn’t want to bother Mickey or wait until I see Phil again (last time was 4 years) and wanted to get some input since we’re negotiating to buy it.  It has a reverse D fin, rails are not very knifey.  Nose is history but the rest of it looks like the deck in the photo.  The owner is one of those woody guys, he just wants to permanently mount it on the roof.  We plan to ride it, got enough museum pieces and wall hangers.