volan cloth, and epoxy resin ?

… a good idea, or bad ?

The stripped board’s blank is now shaped, and it ended up 5 ’ 9 " x 18 1/4 x 2 3/8

with a thinner tail than I normally have… I’m thinking a glass on back thruster and either FCS or maybe glasson side fins [thrusters] , for a change!

My thinking on volan is one layer top and bottom, epoxy resin for strength.

Will volan make it noticeably heavier than say ‘traditional’ 4 or 6oz cloth ? [Strong and lightweight is what I hope to be aiming for on this departure from my other boards.]

So, who here has used volan with epoxy ?

is it stiffer to lap rails with ? [I’m hoping to do my first “cutlaps” on this one !]

will it require a bit more resin ?

what oz’s does it come in ?

thanks, crew… any recommendations, experiences, tips gladly received !



november 19th 2001…

thanks swaylocks for the search facility !

Having read that same thread, I think I’ll can that idea, for now…


and next time I’ll search before asking…man, is there any subject NOT covered here in the last four and whatever years ?? impressive… impressive INDEED !!

I did my board for Hawaii last winter out of EPS and volan, it was a bitch. You need to let the resin cure well before cutting, otherwise the cloth still is moving and once in an advanced cure, the combination of epoxy and VOLAN makes it really hard to cut through. Next was the gassing I got from cutting down into the foam and breaking through my sealer coat. I used volan again, but did a clean freelap and block sanded the lap to a feather edge, it looked clean like this and didn’t blow

yeah-don’t do it.on paper it sounds like a good combo.in reality, it sucks…

so, my final “decision”[s] : -

…I’ll either do ? 6oz ? volan and polyester resin,

or 4oz silane top and bottom with epoxy resin.

or just 6oz silane with polyester … 1 layer top and bottom [haven’t done that before now]