Vote for the best avitar

There are lots of creative designs here on the forum, not just limited to surfboards. My vote is the BOXING CAT, of

Surfer Dave. I get a laugh every time I see it. Do you have a favorite?

boxing cat is awesome but the count sucking elmo’s blood always gets me and I love the consumer whore starbucks one too.

boxing cat for sure

Whats an avitar?

An avatar is that picture under your user name

if you would have picked something a little more original than a surfboard, someone mite vote for yours.

dont worry I’m just messin with ya :slight_smile:

I like Benny’s Einstien and the Ron Jeramy one

Chipfish because his changes so much it’s almost animated like Benny’s. And Resinhead because it’s so disturbing.

I never won anything before. :wink:

Cuttlefish ( peter ) is having trouble uploading his, so here it is as an attachment


Look closely!!


Why thank you it’s quite an honour :wink:

Although I must say Art’s dancing cat put me up to it…

yeh, that cat one is a classic! makes me laugh every time too. einstein is kinda cool too. how the hell do you animate them anyway?

Just testing out my new one :stuck_out_tongue:

benny’s einstein has my vote.

My vote is for Resinhead!

Thank you…Disturbing, just wait!

the donkeys with the heavy load. i think it deanbo s ?

My son likes benny’s Einstein.

Deanbo’s loaded donkey got a giggle from my wife too.

I think resinhead gets the vote for borderline illegal…but funny…i think.

janklow’s new one is cool, once you decipher the German text under the pics.

And it gives one the impression that, even though Greg lives in ‘‘the beachbreak corral’’ (great use of words by lennox76),

he has at least a rudimentary understanding of the dynamic principles underlying our pursuits…

I have to vote for SammyA’s avatar, which is a cropped version of this:


Sonny Cheba, I really like yours.