Wanna Build 2nd Board

1st fish came out da kine. Maiden Voyage today at Refugio. My son and his friends loved it. Easy to paddle, easy to turn, and it goes f-a-s-t. It has a more narrow tail than the traditional fish and with a big butt crack - kinda like the new CI Fish. Have to make 3 more now.

But…our next board is in our minds. Criteria:

  1. My son wants a long board for Waikiki south swells this summer and I’d like to be able to ride it too. If it supports my 235lbs, you think my son (125lbs) be able to ride it too?

  2. Maybe around 9’6" or 10’?

  3. Maybe something with a narrow nose, not typical longboard?

  4. Maybe just make it for him? I can just rent thru T&C or somewhere. Maybe I should get an 11’!

  5. We’re bringing our “new” 6’0" fish also.

  6. What do you think Kokua?

Two boards via United - $80 each way. Ouch. That’s what love does to you.

Any glassing get-togethers up here in Santa Barbara soon? I’ll ask around at the shops tommorrow.



6’er for 125lbs. is almost like a longboard, and should serve well at Waikiki.

You can rent right ON the beach, but after 10 rentals, would be the same as bringing a board.

Why not make yourself a “travel small wave board”. You can pack it with your son’s and never have to rent or wait in line, AND have a board you are used to riding.

Assuming you like the ease of paddle and wave catching of a longboard, you can get close to with about an 8’ funboard, really wide at 23.5, flatter rocker than normal for paddle and wave catching, adjust template to size waves you like to ride, go 3.25 or so thick with flattish deck and thicker, harder rails, and you’d have a board you can ride anytime from 3’ up to armsreach overhead, that still floats you belly button dry, and catches waves like a mid 9’ longboard.

Flattish nose rocker and medium tail kick, with a tail width at 17-19", wide point back like a McCoy Nugget (plug), 3 Bahne type boxes, and you’d be set to go almost anywhere surfing waves you can handle. At your weight, fin sizing like all 3 at 6" x 6".

Although really long boards are well suited to Waikiki surf, they are a major hassle to travel with. My advice would be to make and bring boards for your kid, and rent a huge one when you get there for yourself. At the price they charge to bring boards these days (and the frequency of having them dinged on the plane!) it’s almost worth buying a used one when you get there…

PS when are you going to be there?

I used to live on Oahu but didn’t surf then. Now with family, we go every summer for the last 4 years. I know Waikiki well and even though there’s a million long boards for rent, it’s pricey. As far as transport goes, United charges $80 each way (for up to 2 boards) and last year that price was $50 each way. I’ll bubble wrap the boards. We want to go by the T&C factory and see what they have with pro returns, maybe even buy one while we’re there. Last summer FedX charged $100 to ship a long board to the mainland. You see, we have “surfboard-itis”, a condition that never goes away! I just read where a local collector on Oahu auctioned off all his boards, roughly 1500. All shapes and sizes, and some real old and some real new.

Anyway, I think I’ll make us the aforementioned 8’0" fun shape with plenty of thickness. I DO want to make a huge longboard…do they have 12’ plus blanks?? I even have the urge to try the huge Hawaiian wood boards that were so popular back 70 years ago.