Watch out! The French are coming...

I don’t mean to advertise anyone or any brand here, but I just want to let you know that two good friends of mine (Paul Lefebvre and Tristan Mausse) are currently working for Matt Biolos at Lost. These two guys are probably among the most talented glassers I know, doing insane color works and glosses. Paul did some gloss jobs for me last year and I would recommend his work to anyone. Besides, you don’t see french people killing it in California too often, it usually is the other way around… Do yourself a favor and check out some of their work here:

“Just like you would rather come to France if you were learning to cook”


I met my wife in FRANCE (Paris) and brought her to the states.

Yes she has her green card and cooks better than most American wives.

We are surfers not the border patrol!


Kind regards,


Where will they be working in Calif? or is this just a holiday for them?

I think that they are in San Clemente. I don’t know about the details, but from what I read on Matt Biolos’ blog, it appears that they got a contract for a definite number of boards. 40? More? And beside working on boards, I’m sure that both will take advantage of their stay to taste some of your waves and also get involved in the hot-rod scene (Paul is a huge car-fan, he was blowing minds around Biarritz last year driving a highway-patrolman car…)

If any of you happens to see them, say hello for me (Guilhem).

looks like they are having fun :slight_smile:

I have seen some unreal stuff being done in France. Not surprising…the French have always been amazing craftsmen. I restore antique furniture and have a piece in my shop right now that is a mind blower. I would love to be able to go over and hang with Balsa for a while.

Hope they have work permits of some sort. I don't really care if they don't, but the surf industry can't be expected to be taken seriously if they (Lost and maybe others) employ possibly non-carded foreigners, when all we hear on here is the local guys seem to be screaming offshore competition is killing them.


Just wondering.

Balsa , bonjour tell your car nut friend the Roadster show is this month at Pamona  , I think it is the 27th .



again, I don’t know about the details or the conditions they work under. What I do know is that the “offshore competition” you’re talking about comes from Asia much more than from France. In case you don’t know, taxes in France make it almost impossible to make a living out of building surfboards. Pretty much all the materials that we use come either from the US or from OZ and they are heavily import taxed (don’t forget shipping costs, too). So much so that you’ll make more money importing finished boards from the States than trying to build your owns here. Unless things change drastically, US’ surfboard industry won’t be threatened by France’s surfboard industry in the near future… Also, speaking of work permits, I’d be curious to know how many -out of dozens of US shapers who came to France over the years “on holidays” and actually worked in our factories- had “work permits of some sort”… As a legit board builder paying taxes, insurance and all, I could be upset by that, too. Unemployment is a serious problem, here, and I can tell you that you’re not the only ones to feel the effects of the crisis. Know who your real “ennemies” are. Certainly not the French…


Hey Balsa
Regarding your comments about imported raw materials costs - I ONLY use blanks made here in the UK (Cornwall) by Homeblown - not sure if this would work for you guys as we are EU and could get over some of the import duty???
If you havent checked them out give them a call - 00441209314446
They have a licensed factory in Portugal as well that could be even more economical.

surfers who surf making surfboards for surfers are 

exempt from bullshit governments’ spastic attempts

and failures to control the world warconomy.

I have spoken.

yours truly ,


the great favad

internationally recognized 

muppet channeled by


The Gorch inhabitants: (left to right) Scred, The Mighty Favog, Peuta, Wisss, Vazh and King Ploobis.

The Great Favad

not pictured here as he is an ill Eagle extra arborial with out papers and to whom a revealed persona 

whould lead to arrext ant detainment at the not a beach facility in Antidoraville Texas.This facility

has electrocuted more surfers for acting naturally and turned them into filing clerks and grumpy


Up the revolution

and the formation

of the new world order

unified surfing government

to sign treaties with

other surfing governments

in the neighboring galaxies.

blessings on craftsmen

who surf beyond boarders.

call me a democrat

call me a republican 

call me a libertarian

acll me a navel dependant.

my standing response :

When is low tide?

Hey Balsa, like I said, I don't really care. I've worked in a few different countries, only once without a permit in Portugal. I lived on Reunion legally for three years and taught boardmaking to two young French guys, so I have no anti-French agenda.


I just find the fairly regular comments here on sways about supporting your local boardmaker is a little one sided if the boardmaker in question doesn't employ or utilise locals skills, especially when there are people on here who also claim losing work due to the lack of local support.


There are those who want the industry recognised, but in the same breath they do not want to be part of the establishment.


Live and let live and get away with as much as possible.


Ambrose is right... the attitude of boardmakers has pretty much always been anti-establishment... and I'm all for that.

I think these guys have a great niche and have a high skill level for color work. I am anti non surfers makeing surfboards but these guys are welcome to me anytime. I had such a hard time traveling being an american that I dont give a shit about work visas since I never could get one. Also I would be back living in NZ if it werent for those papers. I hope these guys have fun and get some socal flavor. BTW anybody needs me in France Im there LOL

These guys are coming over because they are good at what they do.

This is board building.

Lighten up!!!


…and they just want to get even better and better. California being the birthplace of the surfboard industry, it’s just natural to come and put your work in balance with the very best and learn all that can be learnt. Just like you would rather come to France if you were learning to cook (not to say that there are no good cooks outside of France, either…)


Not only do they come without work visas but what’s more they steal our women! Kidding…

Balsa one thing is for sure:

France has the most refine women in the world.

What wrong with living well?

Have the glassers pay us a visit at our shop in Costa Mesa.

They will be well received.

Hope all is  well!

Romanians working in Russia,

Mexicans working in Manhatten,

Morrocons working in Madrid,

Dutch working in Dubai,

mostly open borders for one and all,

as long as your underwear isn’t ticking…



make sure them Frenchies try some

American Fries while they’re here…




Balsa if they can handle the cold tell em they have a place to crash up here and I will show them around bc this is a very different surf scene and prob one of the most beutiful places I have been. All I ask in return if a few tips and to make some crepes lol


Looks like they already tried…

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