Water Off the Tail

I know this has been covered many a times about how water flows from the tail. But I am looking for a couple opinions on the different tail shapes that are popping up. Specifically i am talking about small wave grovler boards so we can assume that the tail rail will be hard. Of this type of shortboard there are 4 different tails that come to mind. 1. Wider squash tails, 2. swallow tails and the two i would like to hear feedback on in comparison would be the 3.“bat tail” and what i will call a 4.rounded swallow tail where it looks like a crescent moon took a bite out of a squash tail. like seen on xanadus boards.

Questions about tail 4. Since this tail has slightly more surface area than a swallow will it provide more lift? More drag too? Would anyone venture a guess to if it would behave more like a swallow or a squash?

The bat tail i just dont know. Whats going on there?

Are these tails gimmicks or do they actually have function?

…the tail is less in importance than the other stuff…only tail area is important

…but, much more significance in tail rocker; tail volume; rails in the tail zone; fins (distance from tail)…

That is understood. I started to write that it is down on the totem pole but decided not to. So i understand that. My project in my mind currently(actually a long time but i finally will have some time) is to jump on all the bandwagons at one time. Eps/RR quad fin shortboard with probox fins. Then i can at least get the fins dialed in as for and aft and cant. So my mind is just looking to put some sort of tail on this thing?

Was making crescent and bat tails in the early '70’s, biggest thing I notice was they were easily dinged on the tails, with no stringer to support the points. Most peeps like the look, and some ordered it for the look, so I stopped shaping them on orders from above (boss).

I suspect curve behind the Wpoint is the single most important factor…right there with fin config and placement…and all the other factors a micro fraction behind.

I would go with a diamond.

according to Stretch it works just like the bat tail, but it’s less catchy (and easier to shape)

I suspect the moontail has the same kind of relationship with a regular swallow.


I can’t answer your design questions but I’m currently working on a shortboard that I did a half moon tail.

I think it looks cool. Much easier to glass than a Batwing!

I sent you a pm. Come on over it’s only about 3 miles. I’ve got a couple of EPS projects going and I have the Pro box install kit if you want to check it out.


I’m gonna get a bunch of flack for this one but here goes:

Bat tails and moon tails are like squashes with a little less surface area/volume…somewhere in between a squash and true swallow. What a bat tail won’t give you is the control, bite, and holding power of a swallow, or the looseness and slide of a squash. So on the continuum of tails, it’s right in the middle, and really GOOD at nothing. Just another eye-catching gimmic, IMO.

Pretend you make a living making and selling surfboards…

Now pretend you sell only ONE DESIGN…

how long you gonna stay in business?

…generally speaking of course…

some excellent responses here…go with what looks cool and gets you the most chicks…

ps - all other things being equal, pintails twist less than swallow tails…

Im married, ride rounded pintails and Im not cool