Wayne Lynch Evolution

I have a 7’6" Wayne Lynch Evolution Board that was shaped by Rusty.

The board was made for Dave K. serial number w329.

The board is at least 17 years old. Still in good shape.

Can any one maybe tell me any history on this board?

Trying to post a picture.

Thank you

picture not working

very intrested really need a picture.

I had some buddys ride those, nice boards they were kinda bigguy thrusters as I remember Dave Parmenter was cutting his teeth shaping for Rusty at the time maybe thats how they hooked that deal up, most were shaped by Terry Goldsmith I think.


you’re an encyclopedia mate- that’s basically the story I got about my Lynch just recently - he did boards through Rusty, Terry Goldsmith shaped most (he shaped mine) and it’s a sort of bigguy thruster with a hint of the double ender going on. Mine’s 6’8" and the only thruster I own- had it over 10 years and still ride it every so often. I’ll try to take a pic in the next day or so.