WEBER ID/ possible restore

My neighbor was throwing out some “junk” from his backyard and came across this, knowing im always working on boards he just gave it to me because he was gonna throw it out.  it actually looks like it could be super fun when the waves get a little bigger.  without taking the duct tape repair off yet, the board looks in decent condition, just really dirty.  i can see a few dings fixed before but the majority of the damage is in the nose and tail.  no major delams.

just wondering if anyone could tell me more about this board, the fin system, funny stories, blah blah blah…THANKS!!!



Early to mid 70s Performer. Probably about a 73 or 74. The last version to use that name. Fin box looks like a standard FU box as used in present day boards. Pics aren’t very clear but it looks like they used a “Wonder Bolt” on the fin. Concept was meant as leash attachment. Not successful. Caused a lot of damage to boxes and tails.

So, it’s basically a generic board.

SammyA…I thought the WONDER BOLT was a large bolt that went in through deck of board into top of fin which had a threaded hole for bolt. Circa 1967.




You are incorrect. Many people make that same mistake. I don’t know where it began, but it’s totally erroneous. If a fin bolt is mounted through the deck, it is NOT a Wonder Bolt.

There have been two different fin bolts over the last 40+ years that used the name Wonder Bolt. The first was Weber’s proprietary fin system which appeared about the same time as the original Performer. Roughly, 1966. Weber’s version was mounted horizontally in the box, and applied pressure against the rear of the fin/box inside the channel. I forget which part it was affixed to, but it sure as hell did not go through the deck.

The second piece of hardware to bear that name came along about or around 1974. It was a substitute for the standard fin bolt used in a Fins Unlimited box, and the intent was for leash attachment. That not only led to damage to the fin box, channel and fin plate, but also caused leashes to tear through the tail quite often. I find them useful because you don’t need a scewdriver or any special tool to tighten or remove them. I’ve picked a nail out of a piece of driftwood on the beach when I wanted to swap fins or adjust position.  Anything that can fit through the ‘eye’ will work. A nail, a screw, an allen wrench, you name it.

So, one pic here is a scan from a Weber ad when their version was introduced, the fuzzy photo is the 70s version, which I just pulled out of one of my boards and took a pic in fading light.

SammyA, you’re right. But then who used the bolt through the deck? Con? Hobie?



Both Hobie and Hansen had their own through the deck versions. Con did not. May have been a few others, but those are the ones I remember.


Hansen ad, 1968:

I did a little searching and found this image at Pods 4 primates. It’s a Yater fin design with the Weber Wonder Bolt. So, the original Wonder Bolt was inset in the back of the fin, and extended against the rear of the box to secure it.


Thanks for that.