wetsuits make me sad

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Wetsuits make me happy! 

No wetsuit equals no surf on Lake Superior.

Living on Maui for ten years the only wetsuit I owned was in storage with a couple of boards at my Sister's in Calif.  It was/is a ten year old Neil Pryde 3mm.  Excellent suit.  Not one of the "Big six" but a very good suit.  I've owned them all at some time or another.  They all have advantages and disadvantages.  There are a dozen or so good manufacturers out there now all producing good product.  We're talking O'Neill, Hotline, Excel, Rip Curl, Billabong, Quicksilver, Patagonia, Boz, Matuse, Body Glove, Neil Pryde, Hyperflex etc. etc.  A few years back I owned a spring suit made by Aleeda that I really liked.  I'll probably order a custom from them some time soon.  Aleeda, Coral Reef, Victory and pro-Motion(now at the Gorge) were all based in Orange County at one time.  Oneill and Hotline in SC.  Lately I 've been checking out Isurus -----surfisurus.com        Yamamoto rubber.  Made in Montara Calif.  One of the things I missed on Maui was the smell of a wetsuit and the whole ritual of getting into it.