What are Red-X,LightningBolt,Rawson,and Spitzer up to ?

Met up w/ Tom over at Red-X country today…

Swapped boards w/Tom and proceeded to kill Doho on a 6-2 quad…reactions…“man,I didn’t think you could catch that wave!”.

Returned to X-country and bought some supplies from Basham’s.

Ran into Pat Rawson and Rory Russell.

Pat’s over here gearing up for sales…while Rory…is spear pointing LightningBolt w/ the aid of Johnathan Paskowitz in NewYork.

A magic time for me…

Thanks to Tom O’keefe,& Dennis @ Red-X,Rory Russell @ LightningBolt,Pat Rawson @ Rawson Surfboards…and the crew at Basham’s esp. Wes,A now man that I watched grow into a mainstream boardbuilder from a kid learning ding repair from me over 10 years ago.

Thanks for giving this little church of a man the time and Aloha,Mahalo !

Pics…ya of course…if you wanna see them… I have to send them by cell,so PM me your #s.

World’s most frequently tubed surfboard in the world !