What blanks does Takayama and Cooper use?

Do they both use Walker blanks? I’ll be shaping my first longboard in a week or so, but I want something very flat, yet all the Clarks seem to have way more rocker than my Cooperfish Nose Devil and Takayama step-deck…I surf pretty good on these boards, so I want to try to shape something that I’ll be used to (for now). Thanks.

i believe that on the cooperfish site it says that they only use walker blanks. send him an email, from his Q&A page he seems very helpful to everyone who inquires.

i wish i could get walker foam here in florida…ARGH!


I don’t think I’ve ever got a longboard blank with the natural rocker. I get my blanks from Foam-EZ and they stock them with natural rocker and super-blue foam. Being that I normally make more traditional longboards, I have them decrease the nose rocker by 1/2"-1" and increase the tail kick. Also, for a traditional longboard I use classic or super-green foam.

Just shaped a few logs with walker blanks. Very nice. nice custm stringer work with fast turnaround. The rockers do run a little flatter than most of the Clark Blanks so go for it.

And last I checked they do get mail in Florida. walker will ship them. that is unless they have stopped doing that in the last few months.


Thanks, I just ordered a couple 9’6" Walker blanks…Dropped the stock nose rocker by 1 1/2" and left the tail at 3 1/2"…Double basswood stringers.

I picked up some blanks from Walker some time back and got to hang out in the factory while they finished them up. Got a bit of a guided tour by Walker’s son(cant rem. name.) If you have never seen how it is all done, I would suggest you request a walk through.



And last I checked they do get mail in Florida. walker will ship them. that is unless they have stopped doing that in the last few months.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$…it costs A LOT more to have a walker blank shipped then it does for me to swing by the clark distributor and pick one up. also, i like to see the blank before buying it. and then there’s the whole issue of shipping damage. walker should set up a factory in south florida. seriously…someone pitch the idea to 'em…i’d be happy to run the place :smiley:

Does Walker Foam have a website?


the site has been under construction since forever, and will likely remain that way for a long time, as they’ve made zero progress in months. all it really has on it is the contact information. i still check it every now and then hoping to find a blank catalog or something on there, but no luck.

you can order the clark blanks with any rocker increase or decrease you might want.

took about 10 days or so to get the 9’3 madden blank with xtra tail rocker in.

that’s here in melbourne, fl.

The Clark Foam 10’3" has a very good natural rocker for this purpose. It’s also plenty thick in case you want to shape any additional rocker into the nose and/or tail.

On the other hand, when asked to replicate an 8’6" Weber Performer recently, I noticed that the stock Walker 9’3" rocker nearly fit the Performer rocker with only minor adjustments necessary.