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Hi, I have a young mini-mal, shortboard shaper glasser shaping, and now about to glass my 10’6" x 25 inch x 3.75, single stringer long-board. I am 53, 6’2" and 215 lbs, I intend to surf East Coast South Island, New Zealand waves no bigger than head height, 3-4 ft preferably. The guy shaping the board wants to glass it with 12 oz bottom and top with an extra 12 0z deck patch in the centre. This seems to me that the board may be excessively heavy, what could I recommend to my shaper/glasser as the best compromise with regards to weight and longitudinal strength. Big T

12oz sound a bit excessive. I would go 2x 6oz on the top and 6 oz on the bottom. That’s plenty of glass. If you want to make it bomb proof go with the same schedule at 8oz. If you use 12 oz you might want to put a bracket for an outboard motor and oar locks? -Jay

i agree i weigh 145 and u should see me carru my 10 footer down the beach, its heavet as hell and i just used 6 oz.

I’m six foot six, weigh 225 (have been to 245) and for my own boards I use single six ounce on the bottom, full length six on top, 2/3 length six ounce deck patch, with a 2 foot long foot patch of six ounce. Of course I buy my glass by the roll, and I won’t buy a roll of 4 ounce. I don’t care what all the shop use so much of, I will not make a throwaway board for myself nor for my customers. I backyard make about ten boards a year, have two in the garage now.