What color is your parachute?

I read the book on finding a jobs. One option was to follow your dream. Mine would be to make a living a shaping surfboards. Am I dreaming? Seriously, I have heard follow your dreams a million and a half times, but let’s face it, money buys food and my sign says will work for food!

the reality is that to for you to get to a point where you would be earning a living out of shaping you would have to be lucky. put your name out there with every shaper you can think of and maybe you might score a gig sweeping floors then work your way up.

Dave . . . I worked for Gordon & Smith in the early 70’s with a guy from New Zealand. He was working there as a laminator. He had been to Australia, Europe, Africa, the Carribean, and now he was in Californina. Always working and always surfing. Not only was he a good production laminator, he was also skilled at working in the building trades as a carpenter. Where ever he went, he was always able to get some kind of work. His plan was to work for as long as he could (!) in California and then head back to his home in New Zealand. Hope that helps a bit.

first suggestion iwould have if you plan to run your own line is to get all your friends riding your boards and talking them up to everyone. doing fast ding repair is a good way to get your name out too. if you sell some boards for cheaper than everyone else you will start to get a good customer base. most people out there surfing are copy cats. they buy boards they see in the water. so basically what im saying is get to shaping. good luck austin

dave- those who lose their dreams; will surely discourage yours… GO FOR IT.