What do you do with your EPS Scraps?

There’s a big pile of outline cut scraps in the studio.

I either want to reuse it all somehow to make a blank out of it or recycle it some other way.

What do you do with your scraps?


Burn it… makes lovely black smoke.

Just kidding


refill your bean bag…

I prefer to mix the scraps into a small container filled with gas… The poor mans’ Napalm!! Much fun as long as you don’t burn down your house!

Burn it or throw it in the trash.

I plan to reuse those outline cutoffs for a new blank. those cutoffs will become the (higher density) rails. I will just cut one or two inches off the inner side of the tips and glues them to a block of eps that was cut to the curve of the cutoffs… reshaping this blank should be easy as the rocker and foil are already there in the rails…

haven’t tried it yet but will do so soon…

Not sure about NY but there is probably a recyling depot for construction scraps in your area, they charge by weight so it costs basiclly nothing. I sincerly hope whoever said burn it was joking.

or you can use them as clamps when gluing up perimiter stringers.


To recycle EPS take the scraps to an EPS blower, they’ll ‘‘regrind’’ it and put it back into product.

(always request ‘‘virgin’’ foam for your blanks, though)

We re-use a lot also, as packing material when shipping boards. At least one swaylocker I know has gotten a

board from us encased in off-cuts.

I was gonna post this yesterday, but was having too much fun reading the previous responses. LOL.

Did you try calling your local recyling center?

No not yet.

I’d like to use it somehow.

But not as Napalm.


You know those little replica cars those White Collar desk guys keep on the shelf in their offices?

You could make little replica boards, on little surf racks… glass them with scrap cloth, make and foil nice fiberglass fins for them, do cool resin work… and sell them for almost the same price as a full sized board. You could even cheese a few out with all the logos from NY sports teams…Mets and Yankees would sell really well right now. Those Wall Street dudes will eat them up!

No joke.

I like that idea. Nowadays they build replicas for everything, why not mini replicas for cooperfishes with resin swirls etc. But that falls under the topic “what do you do with your PU scraps?”, I guess…

Hey Everyone,

We recycle all of our EPS scraps. There are plenty of locations everywhere. Here is a link to a list of EPS recycling centers in just about every state in the US.


The recycling center we use requires the foam to be free of tape, labels, staples, etc. so they can regrind it easy.

Been too busy to drop off scrap lately but this thread has motivated us to get on it next week [after the swell from hurricane Bertha has left us of course ;)]



In an old interview with Yvon Chouinard he said it gets ground up and used as dog bed stuffing.

great information, thank you, Brian.

Hey afoaf,

No problem, hope you found a recycling location close to you…