What does your avatar say about you?

In my case, it’s a board I made, that I am riding at Sunset.        My intent was to convey that I had  ‘‘been there, done that.’’       I hope that is what comes across.       That my comments, unless stated otherwise, come from direct experience.        What was your intent, in the choice of your avatar?

My avatar says,

In this day of nearly every surfboard company relying on a computerized shaping machine to do a majority of the shaping work.

I do things by hand.

No computer-aided anything.

Two hands, Skil planer, handmade templates, and various hand tools.

This is the way I was taught to build boards.

Those who know me personally, know I’m a non-conformist by nature.

Tell me it has to be done this way, I opt to do it another.

Rebel with a cause as it were.

Shaping machines have made hack craftsmen into hero’s.

Hell, even the Chinese surfboard copier’s use shaping machines.

Why? It’s easier.

I refuse to follow the sheep to the slaughter.


Barry, your shop (avatar) is awesome, clearly a special place where old school hand craftsmanship is practiced and honored.

For a long time my avatar was a mural I painted over a client’s garage.  I tried for a retro look, since the house was built in 1949 by a famous architect, and I wanted to respect the ambience of the architecture.

My current avatar is a picture I painted on a surfboard.

It should be obvious that I’m “out gunned”

At a certain NS secret spot!

Got shots from other days.

But this one is special

All I could do was chase insiders.

I got to the pack and it is  9-6’s +

All I had was 8-0.

Singled out as a fool, I got in line and one guy sez “Eh bradda, its getten bigga”

So for me it sez “Underdog”

mine says I build them from scratch.  laminate the stringer, cut the foam, shape the foam, glass it, color it, sand it, finish coat it, surf it.  ride some, sell some, give some away. build some more.

all the best

Aaaaa, mine says I like Hokusi.

My avatar is a photograph I took of the iconic Cape Harreras Lighthouse I took with a telephoto lense from about 3/4 of a mile away.  This is one of my favorite places on this planet and where I hope to retire someday.

Another view.

I don’t know what it says.  Those are my stands.  I made the board.  My templates and rocker stick.  

Should I change it to a surfing picture?

Don’t do it!

did you ask my wife’s permission to use that photo Gene ?

I thought that was your wife.

My avatar says I still have a lot to learn and skills that need further development. But it still works.


Whether said in truth, or tongue in cheek, I like your attitude.       Worthy of an upvote !

Mine is about respect & humility, all embodied by that one photo of someone i considered special during the years that defined surfing for me.

It also embodies how I dream and envision what a core surfer is all about

tanned and in unbelievable shape from good diet and lots of water time

blessed a good pair of shorts and with a single unbelievable board

that fits perfectly under my arm

that can ride just about any conditions I choose to surf

the casual smile says it all

I’vve just had a good day surfing

another picture would be the one of another hero of mine, a young BK smiling while laid back on the beach at sunset playing with his dog.

It says to me that I am extremely grateful to be where I am in life and my surfing. And my friends dig it too.

Mine says I’m a tube dodger

I used to suffer needlessly. 

To avoid pain and discomfort adapt as needed!!





She appears to have quite a bit of tail rocker.

Curvy girl.

Team rider?

Hey Rog, what’s the toe-in on those?  lol  Or is that the opposite, toe-out?