What happened to all my saved posts (inbox) & private messages

Just wanted to start out by saying I like the new look of Swaylocks.

I do have a question though. After I log in, I no longer see the Inbox (where I used to save certain posts that interested me or used for reference during builds) or  the private messages that I received ( that also had info that I use including some valuable stuff from Kiterider who is no longer a member). Where did it go, and/or is there a way to retrieve it?

Apparently, the points reward #'s reset back to zero as well(not a big deal, but it was kind of a cool little “badge of honor”).

Don't know what happened. It's the same on my account page. No message center. All my contacts, all the photos I posted are missing. All the forums and discussions I had been fallowing are gone. I tried sending an e-mail to support@swaylocks.com but haven't heard back yet.


confusing…keep us posted if you hear anything wavecraft.

Same with me except all the posts from before 2008, when I try to open them I get a error message.  Some really helpful posts are unreadable right now.

Still no responce from the swaylock support about What has happened.


Any info on what happened to the old posts? I was looking for a pm I received about a software question.

PMs are gone it seems… I think I remember Swaylocks saying he was trying to save them but, that was months ago.

I was pretty bummed too… I had a lot of gold in there

I share your distress!

Forget about it…   All that stuff was shit canned.  Around and around she goes and where she drains nobody knows.  Comprende??

Chris - lesson learned.  I am now in the habit of starting files for info I want to save.  I do get lazy and leave stuff in there (mailbox) assuming it’ll be there when I need it, which I shouldn’t do.  But I have several folders started now, i.e. single fins, quads, big guy shortboards, gliders, etc.  Whenever I see a good picture of something I might someday want to make, or a good comment of useful information, I save it in one of my files.  For comments I copy, and paste them in MS Paint, then save as a jpeg file along with the photos.  

Sounds like a bit of a hassle, but really it isn’t.  Its actually kinda fun “collecting” pictures and info on various surfboard styles, and then I have ready access without digging through the archives, and kinda fun to pull up my folders and browse by category.  Actually, that was probably the original idea behind Quiver - pictures organized by board length, with accompanying info on the boards.  It just hasn’t panned out to its full potential, but I’m hoping to see it come back to life in the near future.  I already mine the archives, but come to think of it, I should start browsing Quiver, to add to my “collection”.

yup, lesson learned

I’m glad for this conversation - just started a document file “swaylocks pm’s”, copy and paste.  Had a couple cell phone #s in there I just put in my phone.

for what it’s worth, I did give this warning back in 2012 when the big glitches and crashes started getting out of control: