What i'm working on

Haha huck I just took a course in OH & S, maybe I should send them the photos : /

Yeah, Matt’s doing his logs in here. He’s right into his super flat retro boards with funky little features. Cool things and great for the surf down the road at Cottesloe where he rides. He’s over your way at Noosa then down to Sydney for “the world log riding exhibition” at Manly 23rd March.



 I’m impressed. Your build thread show great humility. You are showing your mistakes on the way to what will be a fine surfboard. Many new shapers will read this and learn from the mishaps, and how to recover from them. Other than brand new ideas being freely shared and brainstormed upon, this is the best thing about this forum; the culmination of the collective knowledge coming together to help achieve a goal. As you guys say, good on you. Great attitude and work ethic. Excited for the outcome. 

Hi Zac

Further to the thin tape and getting it flat…my local font of knowledge gave me a great tip - he put me onto to tape that’s used by butchers and other food outlets - the stuff they use for sealing bags at the counter - sure they must use similar stuff out where you are - ususally on the counter in the dispenser where they wrap up your meat cut in a poly poly bag and they seal the bag with it. not sure what its made from some sort of plastic but I used it on my first resin pin line and its fantastic - because its plastic it stretches to any curve without wrinkles - I lay that down first then back it up with a layer of masking tape to get the height required. It goes down real easy and if you burnish it down with a lolly stick (or tonge depressor) it lays COMPLETLY flat. Never had any resin creep under it. 

If you cant get hold of it let me know and I’ll post some over.




P-Co: I saw that craazy vee bottom w 13 inch fin…looks fun. I think we would get on well. Might see him down at manly and say hi 

Cheers Pico, so am i ! cant wait to get this thing in the water.

Thirdshade: i’ll have a look around if im doing a pinline soon, if not ill give you a buzz. Cheers mate. 

So got some more progress pics. decided on just going with a single fin box instead of the glass on, turned out I didnt buy enough glass to glass it on, so a box it is. Put my hot coat down and relatively pleased with how it went, the bottom hot coat came out with very minimal brush marks and quite an even finish. The top didnt come out as well and I think i put too much resin on ? I think from the photo you can see where the resin has pooled in the centre and fallen away of the rail. I guess im still learning the timing/ how much brushing to do. 

Back to the failed pinline… I decided to just brush over some white pigmented resin and have abit of an abstract effect going on. Cant say im a fan ! I decided ill just get the local airbrusher to do a pin over the top and maybe seal it with a clear coat ? (would that work) ?

So my next step is to sand it, what sanding grades do you guys recommend from start to finish. Also do you guys hard block sand in between different grits with the power sander ? 

Hey guys took me a while to get some pics but I finished the board up. Its certainly an interesting ride not the greatest turner but super fast down the line. I guess thats to be expected with the narrow tail and holding pins, i’ll be up at lennox head this week to test it out on the long points.  Ill put on some blue shorts and pretend im ted spencer or chris brock haha. 

What a great view from your work shop.