What is the best glue to use for balsa (handgun production--fun stuff) Plus, what about glassing?

I’m going out this evening to get some balsa, glue it up and shape a handgun and was wondering if regular wood glue is appropriate. I will be putting in a redwood stringer or two.

Plus, I was wondering if it’s necessary to used both laminating AND sanding resin for the handgun. I was planning to laminate it with four ounce or six ounce cloth, one layer on each side.

Should I just laminate it like I would a surfboard, or can I cut corners and get a good or better quality job?

Any suggestions?

Fairmont -

I was reading the other handgun thread. If you’re in a hurry, it’s hard to beat 5 minute epoxy and UV resin. The UV resin kicks so fast it doesn’t even have a chance to soak in to the wood and create dry spots in your lam - a problem when laminating balsa. Most hobby shops have balsa and modeling hardwoods in dimensions you could use.