What is the part of the process you hate the most?

For me, it’s sanding glassed on fins. I can’t explain why, but I just hate it! It’s always a pain in the A$$. Singles are okay but the multiples…forget it!

God Bless Probox Larry!!!

Have to agree … that is a low point.  Yea for boxes

Sanding glass on quads or twinzers just sucks. However, sanding one of those 6 channel, step-bottom "Fireball Fish" with glass ons would be yet another level of hell.

since I'm allergic to fiberglass it's obviously sanding which I have to do in a full tyvek hoodie and full face mask in the hawaiian heat.

don't know if preventing the skin rash is worth the heat stroke



would be as a hobbiest  

the time lost

taking everything you need out

then having to spend the same amount of time putting everything away when you're done

and then cleaning up the joint and yourself afterwords


the worst part is,
when I’m finished


polishing kills me!

Without a doubt the part I hate the most is when the wife walks in and says “Holy shit, is that ANOTHER surfboard you’re making! Don’t you think you have enough already?”

I really need to sell a board soon. I just haven’t gotten past the point where every one is the “first” of its kind.

I can’t sell that its my first foamy! I can’t sell that its my first fish! And on and on…

have to agree with oneula regarding the clean up being the biggest drag. my shed is so small but since I shape and glass in the same tiny room, and I’m really close to my neighbors, keeping things cleaned up is critical

Squaly, as long as you don’t start hearing about your “first” wife, your “first” house…and on and on…

Third vote here on the cleanup!  I’ve got a small room that I keep clean for fin glassing, but that garage needs to be cleaned almost 2X every day! 

part of the process I hate?

the LAST part…whatever it is, I hate it.

usually it’s chasing down sandthroughs, dry weave and various other nonsense to get the board up to snuff.

mix, apply, wait, sand, mix, apply, wait, re-sand (but lighter this time)…rinse, repeat.


the repairs !!

Maybe this thread could be re-titled: What do you have the most trouble with, and how do you handle it?

Kokua, What a drag, especially if it is someone else’s artwork…no way to save it.



It's ok...after you go through your first wife and your house, selling off surfboards is really easy.

at one point in child raising 

when confronted with children

expressing distaste ,especially

at the dinner table , with the

all time classic remarque…I 

hate - fill in the blank-

my standard instant reply

became …(taking the improve

role of elocution/grammer monarch)

"That is —“Have Eaten” not I hate


the real worst part

of any job /art object

is when it is done

which is indeed an arbitrary


the end of  the creative process

is the worst …   

I Have eaten many creative steps 

that I could have done much better

that I had to leave less done because

of other pressing jobs/responsibilities.

oye ate it  every toyme …



enry iggins wot ave you done to me?



S.A., What makes this topic Spam? The question co-relates to the production pro AND the backyard guy.


Ambrose, second verse…same as the first. 


S.A., What makes this topic Spam? The question co-relates to the production pro AND the backyard guy.


Ambrose, second verse...same as the first. 


I think Sammy was "topping" this topic to get it back above the wall of spam that occurred yesterday.

only shaped two boards but so far its taking the thickness out without any power tools, hours of trying to remember how many times i've gone up and down with a surform on each side, and loosing count as i get carried away wih a sanding block.

definately purchasing a planer before my next attempt



    Hozit tblank, If we are talking about the process on everyboard I can't really think of one since just making boards from start to finish was always a treat for me over all the years I did it. But if we are taking about not everyboard then the worst was doing a lam job on a beautiful painted board only to come to the room the next day and find the paint job had crystalyzed on me and nothing could be done to fix it, kind of ruined the rest of the build having to look at the mess.Aloha,Kokua