What is this referred to as?

I’ve been looking around but can’t find a thread about this type of board. It’s wide through the nose but has a pulled in tail, and stubby, proabably wider than it looks in the image. I remember picking one up and just really wanting to have a go on it. That was years ago so I’m gonna make me one. Anyone have some thoughts on these? quad set up? this will be board #5



Swallow tail.


rocketfish, essentially a drawn out fish with more HPSB rocker…highly fun boards… suggest build it 5 fin 

cheers guys, searching “fish” takes me down a different path, rocketfish sounds like my ticket. cheers for the tip icc, hips seem popular in these too??

 yep, fish all about the plane/glide speed so wide, straight and flat…rocketfish turns/releases more vertically and handles the deep pocket better, so utilizes more of a HPSB rocker w/some hip in the template…5 fin a good set-up…can be really fun in average surf as a tri with MR side fins up front, smaller trailer in back, and in good waves will flat haul okole with the quad set-up…  


if you’re looking to print out a template, check out the fish section here.  I’m thinking Fish B or C…or a blend of both.  B has a wider nose and C has that pulled in tail.