What kind of fin is this?

Futures - looks like a right rail fin.

The fin itself is a spitting image of my mark warren single fin, but the tabs a deferent story…

That fin is from an ancient UFO wreck recently discovered in Russia. Our CIA has been trying to get a sample of that fin in an effort to maintain our technological advantage over our former foes. Where did you find it,Mike? Be careful. Mike

Thanks Blakestah.

How’s you guys make out up there with this last south?

Steamer Lane broke nicely for 2 days. Nothing SC eastside, nothing in NorCal. However, we got back on our steady windswell diet this week.

looks like a brick wall fin specially designed for chimmney sweeping turns and landing air drops in the cavernous stone pits and hearths…the new upgraded ceramic high fire models are more effective in the presence of Manzanita fuel the good ones are tooled from surplus replacement tiles from the space shuttle…ambrose … note :a hot fin is a hot fin