what kind of thinner?

what kind of store can i find future acrillic floor whatever,ive looked at the giant hardware stores and not only do they not know what the hell im talking about,as usual,they dont have it…i need this for thinning paint of course…


I don’t know what you are referring to but to assist you, go to google and do a search on “future acrylic floor” (drop the “whatever” :). I got hits for Future Acrylic Floor finish and Future Acrylic Floor polish available from doityourself.com. If it is neither of these that you are after, and you know what the “whatever” is, do a search on that.

google is at www.google.com if you havn’t used it before… once you’ve been there, you won’t turn back - Google knows all :slight_smile:

i don’t think your question is dumb (because i’ve run into the same difficulty before)…but i just wanted an excuse to post that picture.

I found mine at the grocery store…have seen it at target,kmart…ect…ect…

ok thanks ill try target and kmart…i am using liquitex paint in the tube, which is way to thick to spray…so i have to thin it , the people at the store say just thin it with water, and they dont carry an acryllic thinner…but i am trying to prevent bleeding and crystilazation problems ive had in the past… and i have heard future floor finish is the way to go…is that the label im looking for? floor finish?, or is it floor wax? or floor shine?..i used to use the cheap paint with no thinner and sometimes it was fine and other times it wasnt…the good liquitex is pretty expensive compared to the other stuff ive used , so im also wondering if i was to buy cheap paint and thin with future or maybe spray future on top of it if i might have better luck?..but i dont want to take any chances this time…im tired of having nice sprays ruined during lamination…

Howzit Have, If you are near a Fiberglass Hi store they carry water based acrylic thinner for about $ 16.00 a gal. Aloha,Kokua

I think you are looking for “acrylic floor finish”. Ask Shipman he might know.

The label says “Future Premium Floor Finish”. It’s a clear plastic bottle, most grocery stores have it in the cleaning products section. I use it with liquidtex all the time; works great. I’ve used it also with the cheapo bottles of acrylic paint from craft stores, but the results often depend on the colors you’re using. Thin the paint just enough to go through your airbrush or gun. You’ll need too many coats if you go real thin and that usually results in various problems.

Note that Future is used only for thinning, it’s not tough enough for clearcoats used as a finish. There’s other acrylic stuff for that, check the archives.