What Planer ?

hey guys, going to be geting my first Planer soon. Not looking a a real dear one as it wont be getting used as much as all you guys would use it.

Which one do you think it is best to start of with if im not making that many boards.

Number 1


Number 2


Number 3


Im thinking Number 2, but would like your guys opinon if i need to spend the extra money to start of with and just go with one of the cheaper ones.

Cheers Riley





Of the three you posted I am most intrigued by the first one for $49.00  What jumps right out at me is that the handle is at the correct angle for actually using it compared to most modern planers where the handle is much more on top.  I’d go with that one.  Let us know how it works.

good point mako. 

I would vote either first or second one

Just some food for thought

When shaping power is good. Really good. The more Amps the better. I can see it now a weedeater motor hanging off the end of your planer xD

A double blade model, even better. A single blade will tear foam easier. Lots of guys use a single bladed machine, but a double will be mo’ better.

Parts are on hand. Nothings worse then breaking something, and realizing the only place youre gunna get a part is if you buy a whole new machine. 

Dust chutes. Do the dust chutes allow for easy hookup to a vac or some contraption you have for dust collection? This is see as paramount, the dust effects your health. Dont mess around with fine particulate and your lungs.

All factors to try and consider. Goodluck! 


Yes, the rear handle positioning looks right on the first.  Never heard of Izito but we live in different worlds.  while reading the product description it states adjustable planer cut depth 0-1mm.  Better be a typo but you should check that out before buying.  1mm is just over a c hair.maybe not even a red one.

I used one of those 40 dollar ozitos for my first few boards till i burntit out,it is very comfortable to use compared to what im using now which is a makita.

I think if id have given it a blow out with compressor here and there it may have lasted a lot longer .

my cousin has the second which is the ryobi, he shaped 4boards in a row a couple of weeks ago and it didnt miss a beat.

the only thing on the ryobi that i dont like is the trigger is a long thing the length of the handle and it has this slow start thing.


this is what i have used for the last year or so, cost a hundred bucks with trade warranty sealed bearings spare blades brushes etc. made by Makita.

 Thanks hippo, i went in and cheked today and held the 3 an some others that were there. All felt good and comfortable in the hand, but the second one link felt the best and its dust chutes where circular and wll be an easier hook up then the other as they were different shape.

Still not sure which one yet as i dont want to rush in and get one that i shouldnt get if you know what i mean.

cheers Riley


And thanks everyone fthe comments and their thoughts, still not certian though. Anyone esl with experience or recommendations would be much appreciated.

Cheers Riley


you’re right. I’m shaping with an older ozito they don’t make anymore - handle position is perfect. I’m waiting for it to die so i;ve got n excuse to upgrade, but over 50 boards and it’s still going. only gripe is that its max depth cut is 2mm.

This is the one I have:


why did my comment get inserted up the top? wierd. 

FWIW i’ve been on an ozito (the older 650W) for over 50 boards. the handle position is awesome.

If you break it within 3 years of buying it, bunnings give you a new one. (I’m on my 4th sander on 1 docket). 

I’ve had all 3 of those brands and they’re all cheap chinese rubbish. You get what you pay for

You may get lucky like the pirate and get 50 boards or you may be continually taking them back to bunnings and just adding to the land-fill on the planet.

If you look around you can easily get a 2nd hand makita, hitachi or bosch for the same money.

They work way better, they’re better made and you can get them fixed if need be



I got a stock p20sbk Hitachi planer - it seems to work ok. Prob the modded one is best, but price is steep. I might save up and get one?Or mod mine out? I paid $106.00 0td awile back when Sears.com had a sale.


I want to try using a planer for my second board and have access to the following model:


what I noticed was that the fron shoe (do you call them that?) does not move up and down when turning the knob, but forward and back! Does that make any difference for surboard planing? 

what kind of material can I practice on before taking it to the blank? I just want to get a feel for how these things work before I mess up byond recognition…



Hi Sebastin, direction of the shoe movement should not matter. For practice, I’d get some Styropor pieces from the Baustoffegeschaeft, maybe they have some damaged ones you can take for the asking. Watch to see if anything on the planer is scratching the foam while you practice.

Macht’s gut!

Danke jrandy!

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