What size for a fatmans fish?

After making a come back with advise from you guys, I would like to know how big a fish would need to be for my 235lbs weight, I’ve already lost 20lbs so I am going in the right direction. I am 5’11" tall 43 years old and riding a 8’ mini mal at the moment and have made loads of boards in the past. I Just think these fish look so much fun and the keels look great, I really fancy the challenge.

So how long, wide, tail/nose width, bottom contours etc, etc. I want it easy to paddle to compete with the opposition for waves.

Anyone got any pictures of big fish they have done in the past?

Thanks in advance Gazro.

For your size I’d go about 7’6 - 8’0 X 22" or so. Unless it’s more of a Lis fish, in which case you could go shorter. I’m close to 200 and I like fish in the 7’2" range but I have had really good ones as short as 6’8" and as long as 8’. For a Lis fish I ride about a 6’4". Their great in summer in FL.

Are Lis Fish wider than fish?

On a 7’-7’6" fish would the keels be placed further up the board than the usual 5"-7" I have read about for the shorter fish?

I guess keeping the tips wider 9" 10" would help.

How deep should the cut out be?

SEE photo archive #367 (Sluggo’s pigdog fish) in the 8 foot range.I’ve been building these on a limited basis for about 25 years.Herb

I have now got my weight down to 200lbs does this sound realistic.

6’9" long 18.5" nose, 23" wide, 17" tail, 9.5" tail tips and 3" thick. Are these figures about right will it take my new weight?

6’9" Fish:

hmmm, saw a picture of either Honolua Bay

or some other Hawaiian Island about 20 years ago,

with some guy riding some Very Sizeable surf (Hawaiian Standards)on a board like this.

Of course it had a narrow racy outline for Bigger Waves.

Fish’s can be used in Big Surf, they just have to be

designed correctly, but they may not be the most

elegant tool for the job.

Congratulations on getting that weight down. Makes a huge difference, doesn’t it?

I had three injuries in a row in the late spring and early summer, and my weight went from 184 to yesterday’s 198. I’m ticked off! I surfed waist to chest high Grandview, on a 7,6 no less, and was chuggingly slow. I was ashamed.

So, now I’m back on the lean and mean program. 1700 calories a day until I hit 179, my target. I’ll drop ten pounds in a week, easily. I did it several times. It’s that second ten pounds that are stubborn, and living five miles from VG doughnuts isn’t helping any!

In the spring I was ripping (in my stumble opinion) and that extra 14 pounds messed me up.

So, as I wait another ten days for my fish to be done, I have to get that weight down. It will be about 187 in a week. Then my fish will be ready.

It will be:

6,1 by 18 nose, by 22 middle, by 17 tail, with wood keel fins and the huge double pin tail.

I made the laminates myself and they say “Fat Fish Surfboards…Fat Fish for Fat Surfers.”

The label is all black, except for a little red S that has a little red arrow pointing to the spot between the A and the T where it says Fat Surfers. So that it’s supposed to say Fast Surfers.

Kind of a joke. There’s also a picture of a big, fat pufferfish in a bad mood, a confused octopus, and a hippy fish giving a peace sign. Silly stuff. But it should ride great.

I can’t wait to take it out this winter at Swamis (Did I say Swamis???).


This is a link to a 7’2" fish that I planned on replicating but I think 6’9" kept thicker would be a lot more manuverable. I think it would suit the Cornish surf.