what size mat

me respects are rightly payed to the likes of Long John Silver the bastard king of pirates as revealed from within the tome Treasure Island authored by the lykes of Stevenson,robert louis, thet pacific roamin scalywag thet led Jack London to distraction and evolution…ambrose…

OL’ BEN GUN RODE A MAT an ad the playce to’ im self…

as to prose

under yer nose

ol ben Gunn knows

an to he thet knows

the outsyde sets goes

mebe tomorrow…

the south swell grows

like fern shedin’spore

on waves we shall bee

as if its onshore

skippin and sledin’with glee.

though the tune would be sweeter to share a mat wave withe thee…

…and appologies to sir francis bacon , just in case.

i have been to the island that inspired the author of treasure island to write the book, after the book came out people started calling the island treasure island.

“dead mans chest”

is that the name of the island?

Black Beard was the perp?

cool stories…neat ta hear em at a safe distance